Tired of Feeling Alone

"I am Alissa Brook Styles. All I can tell you is there is no word to describe how much I hate my brother. No not one of those brother-sister, love-hate relationships, I mean I hate him."
Right then my mom told me, You're going on tour with your brother, are you not excited or what. I was fuming, how could she do this. I lost it , " How could I be excited to spend months with my stupid brother, it is bad enough having him back for a week, I am not going. My mom quickly responded " yes you are i'm going to Australia, for 6 months and you're going with your brother and that is final. I had no use fighting i was stuck in a hell hole for 6 months how could this get any worse.


5. Don't Hey Guys Us

            Right then the other 3 boys walked in the room, hey guys Louis said. We all sat down around the couch and decided we would watch a movie. I searched on the movies and picked out 50 First Dates, all the boys groaned, "really Alissa". Yup, and clicked the button to watch it. We made popcorn watched the movie. I was next to Liam, and Niall. With Louis, Zayn, and Harry on the other couch. The movie had about 30 minutes , and I was already leaning on Niall's chest cuddling with him. Niall tapped on my shoulder, Lis can I show you something? He whispered. Sure. We got up off the couch and headed to the door, only Liam noticed us leaving. I gave him a shut up or I will kill you smile and we walked out.

          We walked to the elevator, and Niall pushed to the top floor. Were are we going I asked. Up was all he said. the elevator came to a stop, and there was a flight of stairs on the side. We went up, and there was the NYC skyline right before my eyes. That is amazing, I whispered almost breathless. Yes It is beautiful, just like you, he smiled. I was taken back. Did he really like me? I was so confused. Niall do you like me like more than a friend? it just came out. I guess do you like me like that? he asked. Um... I'm sorry Niall but you are one of the best people I know and we have a great friendship,and I mean I think I like you more than a friend I just am unsure on myself and what if it doesn't work out. I was cut off by warm lips on mine, I was confused but soon relised and kissed back.  I felt on top of the world with him. At that moment all I wanted was to be with Niall forever. We pulled away and I stared into his deep blue eyes. Lis will you please be my girlfriend? of course, I said happily. I kissed him one more time. I am so happy I can do that when ever I want.

           We headed back down to the room and snuck back in and sat on the couch in the same position. Surprisingly only Liam noticed once again. The movie finished, the boys were all going to there rooms except Niall he whispered in my ear, stay with me tonight? I don't have any pajamas. you can use one of my t-shirts. Fine. We got up and went into Niall's room. I sat on his bed while he searched through his bag for a shirt. He threw a crazy mofos shirt at me and pointed to the bathroom. I quickly changed into his shirt it went to my knees, and had his amazing smell. I walked out and Niall was waiting for me on the bed. I walked over and sat down with him. I turned over with Niall arms around me. What no goodnight kiss? he asked. I turned over to him and kissed him softly quickly pulling away, but hovering my lips just above his, and whispered goodnight. I turned back over. He kissed the back of my hair, and I fell into a deep sleep.

         I woke up and realized I was not in my our room. I checked the time and it was 9:30. I found Niall was still asleep. Niall, Niall, Niall. He shook slightly and woke up. Hey Alissa he said with a smile and leaned over and kissed me, this time not so gentle, with passion and love. He pulled away leaving a tingling on my lips. As much as I would like to sit here and kiss you we have to go to the movie premiere later, lets do something before, he said. We got up and walked out of the room. As we opened the door 4 sets of eyes were on us. Hi guys I said trying to stop the awkwardness. Don't hey guys us, what the hell happened, harry said. The truth is me and Niall are dating, and I spent the night that's all. And why didn't you tell us harry asked. Because I knew you would act like this. Well I am not OK with it. Well you are going to have to because we are not breaking up. You guys are adorable, Liam said. I agree said Louis and Zayn. No you guys are not going out I forbid it. Whatever Harry forget it I am 19 and I will date who I want . I kissed Niall on the cheek and, I was done with that.



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