When Kat's parents die in a mysterious fire she is sent to live with her cousin harry. while there she meets his friend Louis Tomlinson, but still struggling with the loss of her parents she doesn't know weather to push him away or bring him in even deeper than she expected. When shes with Louis she feels free but what will it take for all her freedom to be snatched away faster than expected?


6. chapter 6

when harry walked through the door I was laying on the couch with Louis "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!"he had a picture of us at the mall and all the tweets. I was standing between them cause I thought harry was going to kill Louis "harry stop you need to stop treating me like a baby so what if im dating Louis what does it have to do with you!" "youre dating to!?" "harry why do you keep doing this" "cause I don't want what happened with josh to happen again". he did looked like he regreted everything, josh had been my boyfriend a year ago he seemed to love me but one night he wanted me to have sex with him I said no but that didn't stop him so he kept trying until one day I told him we were done when I did he jumped at me and caught me by the hair and started to beat me then he stopped and left me harry found me and took me to the hospital I had broke my ribs and my nose was broke too. ever since then harry hasn't let me date I've told him not every one was the same but it didn't stop him. "harry Louis not like josh you know that and even if he was do you think I would be running to other way" harry stared at me for what seemed like forever he looked at me then at Louis. finally he spoke "fine but Louis I swear to god if you hurt her I will legit kill you". we all waited for everyone to get there and we told them they all seemed to be happy for us even harry, we all decieded to go out to eat so we went to nados and ate of course there was paps everywhere so we mabey it out be at least ten and get home around 11 we all took baths and went to sleep.


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