When Kat's parents die in a mysterious fire she is sent to live with her cousin harry. while there she meets his friend Louis Tomlinson, but still struggling with the loss of her parents she doesn't know weather to push him away or bring him in even deeper than she expected. When shes with Louis she feels free but what will it take for all her freedom to be snatched away faster than expected?


4. chapter 4

I woke up and walked down stairs to get something to eat considering it was like five in the morning I tried to be quite. but when I got down stairs Louis was there eating some cereal, "what are you doing up at five in the morning" I said walking to get a bowl. "couldn't sleep you?" "same here and the fact im starving now where does harry keep the cereal?" "top of the cabinet". I tried to reach it but mebeing only 5'2 didn't help at all, then Louis came up behind me and grabbed it not giving me time to get out of his way. when I turned around we were face to face well face to chest I was just looking up at him when I saw out of the corner of my eye harry. I turned to look at harry "um hey harry I was just......" how was I going to explain this. "I was just helping her get the cereal down" Louis barley managed to get out. "yeah ok Louis I need to talk to you....NOW!" Louis and harry went to the living room thank god Niall came in I guess he made me feel better talking to him. " What's going on I could hear harry from all the way upstairs" he said as he grabbed the milk. "well he kinda walked in and saw me and Louis kinda looking like we were about to kiss... BUT WE WERNT!!" Niall look surprised at what I said but just kinda played it off.

Harry's P.O.V:

when I walked into the kitchen and saw that I didn't know what to think her and Lou all pressed thogether I had no idea what was going on down here or what was about to. Kat must have saw me and started to freak out they gave me reasons but still it was time to play big brother. I took Lou into the living room and gave him the best pissed off look I could which wasn't hard considering I wanted to punch him in the face. "really Louis you've only known her for two days and you're already trying to screw around with her she just lost her parents for god sakes!" I was so mad but all he did was stand there and stare at me which pissed me off even more. then he just walked away like I hadn't said a word I followed him in and he was sitting right next to her talking and laughing I mean damn he works fast he just walked in to the room!

Kat P.O.V:

there was no use to trying to ignore him I mean we were going to be living in the same bus in four months so I made room for him at the table and he sat down he told me something funny didn't really understand it but he laughed so I laughed. harry looked so pissed when he walked and sat next to Niall. then Liam came in followed by zany and Perrie and we all sat down and talked and laughed Louis couldn't keep his eyes off me which pissed harry off more and trust me I liked pissing him off so I played along and smiled at Lou. we all decided we would go shopping well me zany Perrie and Louis did harry had to go to see Simon for something so Liam and Niall were going to see a movie. so I went to go take my shower well today wasn't going to be akward because Harry wasnt going to be there.

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