When Kat's parents die in a mysterious fire she is sent to live with her cousin harry. while there she meets his friend Louis Tomlinson, but still struggling with the loss of her parents she doesn't know weather to push him away or bring him in even deeper than she expected. When shes with Louis she feels free but what will it take for all her freedom to be snatched away faster than expected?


11. chapter 10

about an hour into the drive Louis pulled down some road that I didn't recognize "lou what are we doing?" "you'll see" he said with a smirk. about ten minutes later we parked in an empty field I sat up in my seat looking around as Louis opened my door and helped me out of the car. "lou why are we out here?" "well when I was younger my mom and my sister would come here just to get away and have some family time now follow me but put on this blind fold". I let him lead me a little ways but not without some stumbling until he told me to sit. I sat down and waited for him to tell me when I could take the blind fold off, "alright take it off". I took it off and opened my eyes to see the sun and a bit of some little town but it was beautiful none the less "oh my god Louis its beautiful". we sat in silence for some time until I spoke "so do you come here anymore?" "actually like when I get mad or just tired of people I come out here and just wait for the sunset.. one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen". "oh yeah whats the first?" "you" I sat there and looked at him, "your so cheesy" I laughed "but you love it". we sat there for a few more minutes and held each other just watching to sun I couldn't believe it at first but, I love him. back at the house I just said it but now I really understand what it is to love him. "we should get going" "ok" I really didn't want to leave but it was already four and we still had two more hours until we got there. we got in the car and started to head down the road.

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