Now Or Never

17 year old Dylan is a normal teenager until she meets the love of her life, Niall Horan... In a grocery store. What happens when she finds out his best mate Liam is her high school bully, James Payne?


5. Chapter Two

Dylan's POV


I blushed as I read the text Niall sent me last night for the thousandth time.

It happened.
He asked me out.

I'm Niall Horan's girl friend.

I'm the star of the new ship.

We'll trend on Twitter.

I can't believe it. What am I going to wear? He'll be here in two hours. That is definitely not enough time. I'm going to look like a slob. None of the fans will like me. Niall won't even like me. And what if he treats me like James? I wouldn't be able to handle anymore bullying. He'll already hate me. After just one date, we'll know things could never work out. Wait- why am I freaking out? Wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans, I smiled in the mirror.

"You are beautiful." I said to the reflection. "You are breath-taking." I took a second to skim over my features. No matter what James said back in school, I was still me. I was still Dylan Marie Taylor. My eyes were still blue and my hair was still blonde. I was still awkward and cute and quirky and I was still me. "You are worth it." I took a deep breath and walked to my closet. Surely I had something in here. Settling on a mint skater dress and converse, I walked over to the mirror and used my straightener to give my hair subtle curls. Adding just a dab of tinted lip gloss to my cheeks to give them color, I rubbed it in. I looked pretty good, to be honest with myself. I ran downstairs to spend the rest of my extra time watching Supernatural on Netflix.


Niall's POV

I did it! I'm finally moving on. Dylan. She said yes. I can't wait for her to meet the guys. She's coming over today. They're all pretty excited to meet her. Liam said that he knew a girl named Dylan in high school. Maybe they know each other. Then they'll hit it off, and it'll be my dream come true. My girl friend and my best mates all getting along.

Running through the living room, I almost cry. It's a mess.

"Harrehh!!!" I growl. He smirks at me from the couch.

"Yes, Nialler?" He asks innocently. I grow furious and jump over the back of the couch, alarming the rest of the boys.

"FIGHT!!!!" Louis screams, and jumps to Harry's aid, grabbing pillows and throwing them at me. "Niall! Over here!" Zayn yells, handing me a giant pillow. I scream, charging at Louis and Harry. All three of us fall to the floor in a fit of laughter.

"Why-" I pause, grasping my stomach, "is this-house not- clean?!" I ask, trying to be mad as Louis cuddles Harry, soothing him from his faux fear. "Hush, Harreh. He won't hurt you. Mommy won't let him.. Yes, I know he's a big, bad, scary man, but he is your father... Shhhh..." I laughed. "Guys, seriously. Please help me. I have to go pick Dylan up in thirty minutes. At least help me make it look clean?" I begged.

"Fine." They growled, and got to work shoving things in the closets.

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