Now Or Never

17 year old Dylan is a normal teenager until she meets the love of her life, Niall Horan... In a grocery store. What happens when she finds out his best mate Liam is her high school bully, James Payne?


2. Bio:)

                  Okay, So books always have those book biographies about the authors so I wanted to do one so that you guys could know me a bit better

         I am a Nialler girl, if you haven't noticed. I love One Direction of course and I love to sing. Some say I'm good, some say I'm bad, but whatever. I want to try out for X-Factor like 1D and make it big, but I guess I have to work a bit harder for that:) My name is Taylor, by the way. And I want to create a name for all the fans I HOPE to gain from these books:)

Well, I guess that's it. Comment whatever you want to say about me and I love you all:)


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