One Direction #Imagine Collection #2

The imagine collections are back. The imagine collections are back.! Okay, everyone. Get ready for more requested imagines! Same rules. I will try to update one imagine per day. No dirty imagine requests. If you request a dirty one, your request will be deleted. Sorry guys, I'm just horrible at writing dirty imagines. So request clean, sweet, adorable ones!


13. Why Didn't You Speak Up?

(Requested by Jayde_tomo1023)


You are taking a shower in Louis' and Harry's shared hotel room in Boston. The boys just got back from a radio interview and you were with them.

You are thinking about what the radio host asked Harry, and what Harry's response was.

"So, Harry," the host had said. "Do you have an eye on someone at the moment?

"Actually, I do," Harry replied calmly, a smile playing on his lips.

"And do you mind telling us who it is?" the host questioned.

"I actually do mind; I don't want her to know just yet," Harry stated.

You can't help but think about whop it might be. You really like Harry, and not in a fangirl way. You like him for him. You've had these feelings for him ever since you met the boys. The thought keeps nagging at you, not leaving you alone.

You turn off the shower and step out of the tub, wrapping yourself in a white towel the hotel has provided. You hear the TV in the other room, and arguing, low voices you haven't heard when you were in the shower. The voices belong to Harry and Louis. Being your curious self, you listen to the argument as you dried yourself off and put on fresh clothes.

"But I met her first," Harry insists.

"So? I introduced her to the rest of the boys, including Josh and Luxie," Louis sasses.

"She's known me longer than you."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"Neither does you having her meet the others."

Louis grunts. "What makes you think she likes you back, anyways?"

"By the way she looks at me," Harry explains.

"What do you mean?" Louis asks, sounding confused and jealous.

"Whenever she looks at me, I see her eyes sparkle. When she talks to me, she blushes. And Niall told me that whenever I'm around she seems happier." He didn't say it hard and sternly, but like he was imagining it in his mind.

Still listening to the conversation, you slip on your slippers and carefully, quietly open the bathroom door so they won't hear. At the moment, Louis is silent, so nothing is being said.

"She might like you, but you're just a player," Lou finally says after a while.

You walk out of the bathroom quietly and see the boys bickering on the couch, so they don't even see you behind.

"She'll see that in you and realize you're using her just like you have with the rest of the girls you dated," he continues. "She'll see that I'm better and come to me." You're surprised by Louis' tone. He doesn't seem to be joking. He is downright serious.

"You're just jealous," Harry scoffs. "I'm just telling you the truth and you go on and act like this."

"Harry, if you fancy me so much, why didn't you speak up?" you say in a quiet, soft voice.

The two boys look up at you in unison. Harry looks surprised, with a hint of blush on his dimply cheeks. Louis looks surprised, too, but jealousy tints his eyes.

"Oh, I... well, I, um... uh...," Harry stammers.

"Were you talking about me at the studio?"

He nods slowly, biting his bottom lip slightly. You smile warmly at him, and you feel your cheeks turn a light shade of red.

Louis grunts and walks out of the room with his hands by his sides, clenched into fists. You're about to go after him when Harry talks.

"Jayde,so will you go out with me?"

"Sure, Hazz," you answer, pecking him on the lips. "Let me go and talk to Lou."

You walk out of the room and find Louis sitting a few feet away from the door, his head buried in his arms, his knees up to his chest.

"Lou?" you say softly. He doesn't respond, so you go sit next to him, putting your arm around his back. "Lou, c'mon now, look at me." When he doesn't look up you respond a littlf bit sternly. "Louis Tomlinson, look at me."

This time, he looks. His face is drenched in tears that are coming out of his beautiful blue eyes.

"Oh, Lou!" you exclaim."C'mon, wipe away those ears. You can't be serious! I'm not worth crying over!" You wipe his eyes and cheeks with the palms of your hands gently, giving him a friendly kiss on the cheeks and a warm hug.

"Yes, you are," he says. "I love you, Jayde. I love you for being you. Harry only wants to date you for your looks. He's a player. You'll see that."

"Louis, I love you both, but in different ways. C'mon, Lou. Cheer up. By the way, I know someone who's got an eye on you.

"Who?" Louis asks, confused.

Louis likes two people, you and Eleanor. at least Eleanor will gladly return the favor of a heart full of love like that.

"Yep. And she's hoping you'll ask her out."

"Oh my carrots! I'm going to call her right now. Thanks so much, Jayde!" Louis exclaims, kissing you on the cheek. "I'm so sorry about everything, all this drama I've caused. I feel so bad."

"No sweat."

"Let me go apologize to Hazza before I call Eleanor."

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