One Direction #Imagine Collection #2

The imagine collections are back. The imagine collections are back.! Okay, everyone. Get ready for more requested imagines! Same rules. I will try to update one imagine per day. No dirty imagine requests. If you request a dirty one, your request will be deleted. Sorry guys, I'm just horrible at writing dirty imagines. So request clean, sweet, adorable ones!


18. Screw Management

(Requested by DontBurnOut)

A/N oMg srry baes! I just hAd so much stuff to do I needed to get my grades back on track and I had projects and so many other things going on I didnt get to update. Also my account wasn't working well and the expand button wasn't working. Thankfully I got a tablet and now I can write freely again! Again, sorry for the hold up, my lovelies. -- Sophia.



"Yeah, okay, but -- okay, but sir, i -- alright, but sir, if you just --"

Niall has been on the phone for a while now and you're starting to get worried. You have a sick feeing it is management, ranting about you and Niall being spotted on your recent date in Time Square, Manhattan. You are on tour with the boys and you are currently in New York. Pictures have been posted on almost every social network there is and most of the comments are nothing but rude.

Niall finally hangs up the phone and walks over to you, a pained expression evident on his face. You're dreading his words.

"That was management," he says, reading your mind. "They were--"

"Let me guess," you interrupt with a sigh, cutting him off. "Its about our date, isn't it?"

"Yeah." He looks doubtful, lost in thought. "Um, they want us to break up."

You kind of figured that out already, but hearing the words spoken aloud hurt more. "What? Why?"

"Well, because of the fans." He sat down next to you, taking your hands into his. "And because they say it will ruin my career."

"Oh," you say. "What are we going to do?"

He bites his lip and says, "What if they're right?"

His words completely baffle you. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that we should break up."

Your voice catches in your throat. Your eyes begin to tear. You let out a sob and tears spill over freely. You feel your ears get hot. "What?"

"I mean that we--"

"No, I heard that. But... Why?"

"Well, think about it," he says. "You won't be getting hate; management won't be annoying us with their crap about us dating; my job would be much more easier to--"

"Wait," you interrupt him again. "So this is about your career?"


"You know what, I don't want to hear it. If you love your job so much-- more than you love me-- why don't we do what management said." You get up from the couch and start for the front door. You hear Niall call for you but you don't react. You just keep walking to the door. When he tries to grab you gently by the wrist you squirm out of his grip. You shut the door loudly behind you, ignoring him when he calls your name.

Your tears stop flowing, so you decide it is safe to drive.

You get behind the wheel and start the engine, hitting the pedal, happy to get out of there. The tears only continue when you come home.


That night you get a bunch of text and calls from Niall, which you don't even pick up or get back to him. If he loves his job so much that he's willing to give you up for it, it will just hurt more to know he would do that.

For the rest of the day you spend your time watching television, eating ice cream out of the carton, trying to make yourself feel better and to forget about it.

Your phone rings again, irritating you. Niall was annoying you with his constant calls and texts. Though this time it wasn't Niall. It was Zayn.

"Yes," you say when you pick up.

"Hey, Trinity," he says. "Do you mind coming over tonight? You know, just to hang."

You think about it for a few seconds. It might get your mind off of Niall so you accept his offer, saying you'll be there in a few.


When you get there, Zayn opens the door for you.

"Hey," he says, hugging you warmly. "Come on in. I need to show you something."

You follow him upstairs and he leads you to his bedroom. You walk in, and as soon as you're in, he quickly slips out, shutting the door behind him.

"Zayn!" you holler. "Open the damn door!"

"No!" Zayn yells back from the other side.

You lean your back on the door, sliding down to the floor. You look around the room and see the last person you want to see.

Bolting up from the floor, you bang as hard as you can, saying, "ZAYN, OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!"

"No!" was the response.

You try to twist the handle, but it won't budge. Crap, it was locked from the outside.


"No! Not until you two make up!"

Defeated, you bang hard on the door once more and yell with rage. You slump down on the floor again and bring your knees up, burying your head in your arms.

"Trin," Niall's soft voice says. When you don't respond, he comes closer and kneels down beside you, putting a hand on one of your arms. "Trin, please, just hear me out. Let me explain. Please."

You look up to him, into those ocean coloured eyes of his. "What? What do you want to explain to me? Besides the fact that your job is more important than me?"

He sighs deeply and says, "I didn't mean to say that. I didn't. What I meant to say is that we can consider the thought." He pauses, waiting for you to say something. When you stay silent, he continues. "I didn't say we actually, one hundred percent, should break up. I was trying to say what if I can prove to everyone our love can never be broken? That we are inseparable."

You like that idea. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow up in your face like that. I was foolish for not listening to you earlier."

Niall leans in and kisses you passionately on the lips. "It's alright, princess. I understand. I probably would have done the same if our roles were reversed."

You two continue to kiss and after a few minutes you separate, breathing heavily.

"Let's tell Zayn to get us out of here so we can continue this at your place," you suggest. Niall chuckles and you feel your cheeks grow warm.

After Niall calls for Zayn to let you out, you two go back to his place and have the best night of your lives.

A/N again. sorry for the very late update. also, sorry for the not so romantic ending. its late and I wanted to finish this before I went to sleep, and as you know, brains don't really work well at this time. hope you enjoyed, and keep those requests coming!


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