One Direction #Imagine Collection #2

The imagine collections are back. The imagine collections are back.! Okay, everyone. Get ready for more requested imagines! Same rules. I will try to update one imagine per day. No dirty imagine requests. If you request a dirty one, your request will be deleted. Sorry guys, I'm just horrible at writing dirty imagines. So request clean, sweet, adorable ones!


11. I Have a Confession to Make

(Requested by DRose55)


"Babe, who cares what they think?" Niall says softly.

"They do. And the fans," you explain through tears.

"C'mon, Donna, management sucks. I don't care what they think. And neither should you."

"But you'll lose fans. That will make you less famous. Face it, Niall, I'm ruining your career for you, and you know it."

"And why would you think my fans care?" he questions.

"They keep on sending me hates and death threats through Twitter," you whine.

"Okay, but what if we work it out somehow?"


"What if  I tell them.... That you're my best friend, and those pictures of us making out were photo shopped?"

"But will they believe it?"

"Sure they will. Tomorrow I have a radio interview with the boys with the Z100 morning show. Listen in and you'll see. It will be everywhere. On the internet, on air, everywhere."


The next day, you're sitting alone in the kitchen, listening in to the New York morning talk show.

The hosts, Elvis, Bethany, Danielle, Froggy, Sceery, Greg T., and Garret, greet the boys, receiving "Hi"'s and "Hello"'s.

"Which one of you guys is the boss?" Harry asks jokingly.

Everyone says Elvis, and the show erupts in laughter, both One Direction and the cast.

"So, Niall," Elvis begins. "We've been hearing you're dating someone named Donna? Am I right?"

"No," Niall answers. "She's just a good friend."

"Are you sure?" Danielle asks. "Those photos look like you two are more than that."

"Yeah, yeah. It's true. The two of us hate those rumors and photo shopped stuff going around."

"But would you date her?" Elvis, Bethany and Danielle say almost simultaneously.

"If she was more than a great friend to me then yeah,I would've."

"But imagine you felt more than friendly bonds were holding you together," Froggy says. "Is there like something that's in your way?"

"The fans," the boys say.

"And management," Liam adds on.

"Oh, that must be hard," Elvis chimes in.

"Some of you must have girlfriends, right?" Greg T. speaks.

"Yeah," Louis answers. "Zayn and I.  engaged, actually."

A round of "Congratulations" goes around.

"How do you guys take it all in? I mean, the girls must be getting hates."

"As did they, we learned to ignore it," Zayn explains.

"I have a confession to make," Niall blurts out.

"Go ahead," Elvis tells him.

"Donna isn't really my good friend. She's more than that. The rumors are all true. I don't care what people say, what management thinks. Let everyone get upset. I don't care. All the people who are true Directioners should show that they are true by showing that they support not only me, but the rest of the lads. This goes out to all the girlfriend haters out there. Show some respect. If you were in one of the the girls' place, how would you feel if you were send hate and death threats via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks? I know you wouldn't like that, so why do you think Eleanor, Perrie or Donna do? If you call yourselves 'true Directioners', show it. Show you are worth to be called dedicated. And thank you all who support and respect the girls, and the boys and I."

Listening to all of this, tears of joy, love and surprise well up in your eyes.

After Niall is done, there is a small moment of silence. Everyone must be as astonished by his words as you are. Butterflies flutter in your stomach and your heart begins to beat faster and faster every second. Niall gave in for you, and is proud of your relationship.

You decide to call up the radio station and dial the number in your phone.

"Hello, Donna-- Wait, Donna!" Elvis exclaims, answering your call.

Everyone in the room says "Donna?" and "Donna!" from the radio cast, shocked and surprised.

"Hey! You were listening to this the entire time?"

"Yes, I have," you tell them.

"What do you think about what Niall just said?" Bethany asks.

"I-- I think that was wonderful," you confess. "I literally got butterflies in my stomach. Just like the first time I met him."

Someone let out an "Aww." Must be Greg T.

"And I also think that this is the most sweetest thing anyone has ever done. Not only for me, but for the both of us. Love you, baby."

"Love you, too, love." Niall says back.

This time, the entire radio cast "Aww"'s.

After a while when everyone got over it, the hosts begin to talk to Harry, asking him about if he has an eye on someone or is he is currently dating someone privately.



Hey, everyone! Just for people who don't live in a city or state where you can't listen to this radio station, I'll just tell you that this is a morning talk show we have in most of Eastern America. I live in New York, so I basically listen to this radio station every time on a working day. I literally wake up 5:30 in the morning before school to listen to it. It isn't one of those boring ones.This one is actually really cool. And to all my American friends who listen to Z100 anytime, I love you!


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