One Direction #Imagine Collection #2

The imagine collections are back. The imagine collections are back.! Okay, everyone. Get ready for more requested imagines! Same rules. I will try to update one imagine per day. No dirty imagine requests. If you request a dirty one, your request will be deleted. Sorry guys, I'm just horrible at writing dirty imagines. So request clean, sweet, adorable ones!


19. Drinking Away Feelings

(Requested by Shelby890)


You take another shot of whiskey and ask for five more. You are at your local bar,getting yourself wasted because your boyfriend cheated on you with some blond chick who weights ten pounds and is still on a diet. He meant a lot to you-- before he cheated, of course-- and went and did what he did. You don't care how much you're going to drink, really. You just want to get as wasted as possible.

All of a sudden you feel a hand grab your waist from behind.

"Hey, beauty," a rough voice rasps in your ear. "What's a lovely lady like yourself doing all alone at a bar?"

You jerk away only to have him grab your hand. His hand is huge and rough, he grasps your hand so tight it hurt.

" Hey, let go of me," you order.

"Not tonight, sweetheart. What do you say you hop into my car, I take you home, and we have one hell of a night?"

He pulls you closer and you feel his breath, reeking of alcohol, against your lips.

"I said let go of me! Or I'll scream!"

"Hey!" someone yells. "Let go of her, you son of a bitch!"

You hear a loud noise and the guy who is trying to take control over you lets you go. You look to see him on the floor, holding his cheek as if he was punched. All of a sudden you are picked up bridal style off of the floor. The person holding you runs to the exit.

​"Let go of me!" You say, kicking your feet as hard as possible.

​"I'm trying to help you," the guys explains. "Stop kicking." You hear a different voice, not of the man who tried to get in your pants. This guy's voice somehow calms you down.

You don't know what happens next because you fall into darkness.


You wake up to voices being whispered. Opening your eyes you see a room not familiar to you. It is not the room you share with your roommate. This one is slightly bigger. You try sitting up, but that only brings a pounding migraine to your head.

"Hello?" You call out, holding your hand to your head.

A door opens and five boys come in, all with sweet smiles on their faces.

"Hi," a boy with a striped shirt says. "Before we introduce ourselves, is there anything we can do for you?" He is really attractive. They all are, but this one is definitely something.

"Just show me the bathroom, please," you tell him.

He leads you to the bathroom, and the moment you step through the door you sprint to the toilet and vomit everything out of your stomach. The boy holds up your hair so you won't get any barf in it. When you feel like there is nothing else you could bring up, you rinse your mouth and thank the boy.

"No problem, love," he says. When you turn to him you see that the other boys are outside the door. "I'm Louis, by the way."

You learn that the boy with the green eyes is Harry, the blonde is Niall, the one with the snapback is Liam, and the one with the beard stubble iss Zayn.

"Nice to meet you," you say politely. "My name is Shelby."

"It's nice to meet you," Harry says. "Why don't you put on these clothes, because the dress you're wearing looks too tight on you, as if someone forced it on you."

"Thanks, and I guess you can say it was forced on me. My roommate thought I was going to the club to look for someone new."

"What were you doing at the club?" Niall asks.

"Drinking away my feelings," you explain. "My boyfriend cheated on me."

"Explains the drunk part," Louis jokes. You all laugh and he says, "Why don't you get dressed. Then we can go somewhere. You know, to get to know each other better."

"I'd like that."

The boys walk out of the room and you begin to undress. But you can't get the zipper on your dress, and luckily one of the boys isn't completely out of the room yet.

"Louis?" you call.

"Yeah?" he says.

"Can you pease help me with the zipper?"

"Sure thing."

He walks over to you and unzips your dress carefully. And since he does it carefully it was pretty slow, and your heart beats against your chest, in a good way.

"Thanks," you say when he's done.

"No problem," he replies before walking out.

He shuts the door and you start to take off the tiny, tight red dress. As you do so, you hear talking behind the door.

"What happened last night, mate?" a voice that sounds like Zayn whispers.

"I saved her from what could've possibly been rape," you hear Lou say. "When I saw her in the club I was about to go up to her and talk to her, but then this man who was ass drunk came up to her and started touching her. She tried to get away but he still kept touching her and I just lost it."

"So then what?"

"I came up to the guy and snuffed him. Then I took her and ran, in case that son of a bitch decided to go for a second try. You should've seen it. No girl should be touched against her will like the way she was touched last night. It just wasn't right.... And Zayn?"

"Yeah, lad?" Zayn speaks.

"I think I'm falling for her," Louis says.

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