One Direction #Imagine Collection #2

The imagine collections are back. The imagine collections are back.! Okay, everyone. Get ready for more requested imagines! Same rules. I will try to update one imagine per day. No dirty imagine requests. If you request a dirty one, your request will be deleted. Sorry guys, I'm just horrible at writing dirty imagines. So request clean, sweet, adorable ones!


21. Be My Queen

(Requested by HoranGirl12348)

"Make sure you wear something extra nice!" Niall calls to you from the other room.

"Alright!" you say. "What's the big deal, anyway? It's just your concert."

"Exactly, it's my concert. As the princess you have to look presentable in front of the prince's people."

You just laugh to yourself and start looking for something cute to wear. You find a pink sundress with a brown dress belt at the waist. You decide on that with a pair of matching flats and curl your brown hair. You apply very little makeup-- you don't like to look too unnatural. When you are done the boys are already waiting for you at the door.

"Beautiful," Niall says, giving you a peck on the lips. "Let's go."

The drive is as always not so calm. The boys run around on the bus with Zayn's shirt as he tries to take it from them. You're taking a video of them the entire time. It's funny and you have to make it go viral.

When you arrive at the stadium One Direction fans are literally everywhere. You have to wait until every single person gets inside in order to join Perrie,  Eleanor and Sophia backstage. When you finally do join the girls, though, it seems as if they're hiding something from you.

"Are you guys okay?" you ask them.

"Yeah," Perrie says. "Why wouldn't we be?"

"It seems like you're hiding something."

"Hiding what?" Sophia says.

You sigh and say, "Never mind."

"Don't worry," Eleanor says, putting a hand on your shoulder. "If you're nervous about why Niall told you to put on something extra nice, it's just Niall. He wants his princess to look good."

"Wait, how did you know--?"

"Um, Zayn told me," Perrie cuts you off. "I thought it wa s kinda funny so I told the girls."

You just shrug it off and follow them to the front row to watch the boys perform. It is just like any other show they've ever done: They fool around, sing, fool around while singing, read tweets, etc. You start to blush when they start to sing You and I; Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam wrote it for you, Eleanor, Perrie, and Sophia. After the song something happens that you didn't expect.

"Now," Niall says. "I would like to invite Shantez, my beautiful princess, up to the stage.

The security guard lets you up on stage and you come up to Niall. He grabs his guitar and starts to strum the tune to Little Things. Then he starts to sing. He sings the entire song from start to finish. The fans scream.

"Guys, when I put my hand out like this, you scream what it says on that screen," Harry tells the fans. "Got it?"

The crowd screams their yes's.

"Shantez," Niall speaks into the mic. "When we first met, my heart beat uncontrollably in my chest, as if it was about to escape from my ribcage. Our first kiss got me so dizzy I felt like falling. Our first dance together made me want to fly up to cloud nine. It has been six years of us  together, of you being my princess. Now I want to ask you of one thing."

The big screen changes from the One Direction logo to five words. Harry puts out his hand and the fans scream, "Will you marry me, Shantez?"

Niall gets on one knee, pulls out a small box and opens it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

"Princess," he says, "will you please do the honor of becoming my Queen Shantez Horan?"

Your hands are covering your mouth and you're crying.  Surprisingly, the crowd is dead silent, so silent you could hear a pin drop. Your heart is beating fast and you're sweating under the stage lights.

"Yes," you say.

"She said yes!" Liam yells.

The crowd goes wild, cheering and screaming.

From now on you are future Mrs. Horan.

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