A Walk to Remember: dedicated to Harry Styles

Britney has all sorts of problems in and out of school. She can't take it anymore when she runs away to one of her favorite childhood places. She never thought that would be one of the best things she has ever done for herself.


4. Missing


Brittney's P.O.V

               I woke up the next morning with the sun shining on my face. I started to wake up more to notice I was still in Harry's arms. He looked so cute when he was asleep. He had a little smile on his face and his mouth started to open and he whispered "Britney" and then snored softly. It was the cutest thing ever. I got up and started to make pancakes. After about 20 minutes I felt warm arms wrap around me. Harry kissed my cheek and whispered, "Hello love sorry that you had to wake up alone." "Oh Harry, I wasn't alone, I was wrapped in your arms and listening to you whisperer my name in your sleep," I smiled. He turned bright red and said, "You heard that." "Oh Harry," I laughed. "I dream of you because I love you so much," smiled Harry, "I always dreamed of finding the right girl and I just know I finally did." We kissed and we ate some pancakes. Harry's phone beeped and then he said," Uh mind making some more pancakes." I knew exactly what was going to happen," Of course." Just then all of the boys piled through the front door. Then following close behind were the girls. "Hey there's my mystery girl," smiled Louis pulling me into a huge hug. "Cheating on me Louis, you know I wouldn't steal Harry's girl, he's very protective of the ladies," laughed Eleanor. Harry turned red again. I went over and hugged him. They all took a seat and I served them their pancakes. It was amazing. The pancakes were gone in less than 3 minutes. "Geez, you people were hungry," i laughed. "Well I'm always hungry," laughed Niall, "Got anymore?" "Of course Niall, just for you," i smiled. He turned pink. Harry came over to me and said," I hope you don't mind but i said we'd spend the day with the boys and the girls." "Really, yayy," i screamed. "Well I guess your ok with it," smiled Harry. I ran upstairs and threw on a flowy shirt, short shorts, and my vans. I ran downstairs and everyone ooohed and ahhhed at my outfit. Harry smiled and said, "Beautiful, as always," I ran over to him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked adorable in a plaid shirt and kakis. "AWWWW," everybody screamed then we ran out the door and into the van. We went shopping all day. The girls took me to every shop they knew and the boys ventured off somewhere else. Harry had promised that later he'd meet me at the starbucks in the mall alone. After about 5 hours i looked at my phone and saw that it was time to meet Harry. I had one more dress to try on and it was a dress that had taken my breath away. I told the girls to wait outside my dressing room. I ran in, put on the dress, and ran out. There on the couch in the dressing room area was Harry. He smiled and mouthed, " Beautiful." He took out his phone and snapped a quick pic. "Harry," I pouted. He laughed and told me to get dressed so we could go on our starbucks date. I got dressed and we raced to starbucks. I beat him but I'm pretty sure he let me. I got a cotton candy frappachino and he got a mocha cookie crumble frappachino. We sat down and he pulled out his phone and I saw his lockscreen was the picture he'd taken of me. I smiled and he saw I'd noticed and he smiled and asked, "You like." "I love it," I laughed. He put his arm around me and everything seemed perfect. I looked at the TV and froze with fear. There on the screen was my parents. They were sobbing and screaming. They both were bloody and beat up. Harry felt me shaking and followed my wide eyes to the TV screen. On the bottom of the screen it read, ALERT MISSING GIRL: MISSING GIRL, 19 BROWN HAIR, BROWN EYES, AND ABOUT 5,8. IF YOU SEE HER, CONTACT THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. Harry put his arm around me and kissed me. "Don't worry love, I'll keep you hidden," he whispered.

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