A Walk to Remember: dedicated to Harry Styles

Britney has all sorts of problems in and out of school. She can't take it anymore when she runs away to one of her favorite childhood places. She never thought that would be one of the best things she has ever done for herself.


6. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


Brittney's P.O.V

        I woke up the next morning in Harry's arms. We had both fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie. He was sound asleep and looked like a perfect angel. I kissed his pink, puffy lips and I carefully unwrapped myself from his arms. I got up and made some waffles. I was getting them out of the toaster and I felt warm arms wrap around me. "Hello love," whispered Harry. "Good morning sleepy head," i whispered back, ruffling his curly, brown locks. "Hey thanks for the waffles," he said playfully taking the waffles out of my hands. "Harry, I'm eating those, make yourself some," i smiled. I grabbed the waffles from him and he started to tickle me. "Harry ppplease stoooop," I laughed. "Then make me waffles," he laughed. "Fine, whatever you say your majesty," i said playfully. He smiled and came over and hugged me saying, "Your the best." "Oh don't push it Mr. Styles," I ordered. He unwrapped his arms and sat down at the table snickering. I sat down with our waffles and asked," So what are the plans for today." " Well I told everyone we'd hang out with them if that's alright with you," He answered. "Of course, we're gonna have so much fun," I screamed. Harry laughed and we finished our waffles together. As soon as I was done, I raced upstairs to get dressed. I got dressed and ran down the stairs to see everyone down there. "Well hello," i laughed. "Hi Brittney," they all yelled. Man I love these people. "Mystery girl!!!!," yelled Louis pulling me into a bear hug. "Oh Louis just call me Brittney, I'm not mystery girl anymore," i laughed. "Nope, mystery girl is your name and always will be," he snickered. "Oh fine," I laughed. Harry came up to me asking," So you ready for a breathtaking hike??." "OMG yesssss," i yelled. Everyone laughed. "You know, you're so peppy and not to mention gorgeous and everyone here loves you. How did people hate you at your old school?" Harry questioned. Harry's comment made me smile but the question brought all of the terrible memories back. The snickering, spilling food, name-calling, and Liv. Harry could see I was upset so he hugged me. "I don't know, it might have been because of my parents I..I..I just don't know," i said with tears in my eyes. Harry lifted my chin," Well just know that all those kids are blind and jerks to not see what I see. Your amazing, your my everything!" I started to cry and I hugged him even tighter. "Your my everything too, you saved my life," i cried. A soft aww went through the room. I swear Niall had tears in his eyes. Then Harry grabbed my hand and we all walked outside into the van. On the way there I told everyone about Liv and the popular girls and how they tortured me. "what horrible girls, your one of the nicest girls iv'e ever met," Elenour commented. "Yeah El is right, how bout we show that Liv girl what you can do one of these days," "Ok ok Harry, lets not end things in violence," I laughed. "I just want her to stop being mean to you," Harry sighed. "Harry, I think she'll stop when I bring you in as my boyfriend," I laughed. "Ok let's do it," Harry laughed. "Wait seriously?" I questioned. "Seriously," he answered. "YESSS FINALLY," i screamed. Everyone laughed. As soon as we stopped at the place it already took my breath away. We got out I could hardly breath. It was so green and beautiful. Harry grabbed my hand and whispered," Let's climb." On the way up, everyone was pointing out sights to me, especially Harry. It's like he knew the place like the back of his hand. "Lads, I need a break," Louis gasped after about 30 minutes. "Oh Louis, be a man," laughed El. "Oh you want me to show you a man," he questioned as he ran up behind El and grabbed her and put her on his soldiers. "Ah Louis, put me down," she laughed. "Nope, Iv'e got to be a man," Louis laughed. "Pleaseeeee," El pleaded. "What's the password?" Louis joked. "Louis," El pouted. "Nope," he laughed. "Fine I'll play, is the password tea," El questioned. "Nope," answered Louis. "Oh wait I know is it Louis is a man," El questioned."Maybe," joked Louis. "LOUIS," screamed El. "Fine, yes," he laughed as he put El down. They were both laughing like crazy. They are such a cute couple. As we reached the top of the climb, Louis said, "Ok Harry we'll met you at the bottom." "Ok bye guys," Harry screamed. "Harry, whats going on?" I asked confused. " You'll see, look around," he answered. I did. I gasped. Anyone that saw the 1D movie would know that it was the place Harry had had his first kiss. "Oh Harry," I cried. He walked me across a creek and to a huge tree. He put my back against it, held my hands in his, and passionatly kissed me. Then he picked me up and twirled me around. "So that's why we came here," I laughed. "Yep, I wanted it to be better than the first," He smiled. "Oh Harry, I love you sooooo much," I cried. "I love you soooooo much more than that," He laughed. We both giggled hysterically and than we started walking down the hill hand in hand. I never wanted this day to end. Then my phone beeped. Niall(: Heyyy uh when you get home take a walk to the park and met me there. I have something to tell you!!!! I replied: Uhhh ok.... everything all right? Niall(: yeppp i'm fine :p    Oh Niall.  As soon as we got to the bottom everyone else was getting back too. They were all laughing and Louis was telling cheesy jokes. Me and Harry just laughed. I looked at Niall and he smiled. Then we all piled into the van and headed back. Harry and I were dropped off first. "Hey Harry uhh i'm going to take a quick walk to the park, if that's alright," I asked. "Absolutly, need company?"he asked with hope in his eyes. It hurt me to say it, " No I think i need some alone time." "Alright, see ya later, come home quick," he said, obviously hurt. "Ok bye," I said kissing him and leaving. I started to walk down the street. It was kind of chilly so i hugged my arms to keep warm under my light jacket. As i walked to the park i thought about what Niall was gonna tell me. Was he mad at me or did he know something i didn't. As soon as I got there Niall was already there swinging on a swing. He looked up, "Oh hey Britt." "Hey Niall, you ok?" I asked worriedly. "Uh yeah fine i just have something to tell you, you might wanna sit down for this," he ordered. "Uh ok," I said frantically taking a seat on the swing. "Ok Britt so here it goes, Iv'e been so jealous of Harry because the first day I layed eyes on you, you took my breathe away and i don't know how to say this but I wish i could've found you so you would've loved me first," Niall said looking me in the eyes. I couldn't speak or even breathe. I was shocked. I felt bad right then and there because I had liked Niall too but then Harry he saved me and I fell in love and now nothing could change that. So I told Niall as honestly and nicely as I could, "I'm so sorry Niall but I did like you but then Harry found me and I just fell in love, I'm so sorry." He looked so hurt and sad. "I'm sorry but I gotta get back," I said and I turned away and ran, tears pouring out of eyes. As i ran, I turned around and saw Niall sitting on the swing with his head in his hands. I ran even faster. As I ran all I could think about was his hurt face. As I reached the door I looked through the window expecting to see Harry waiting for me on the couch in cozy pajamas but what I saw instead made my heart stop. Harry was on the couch in his pajamas with another girl in his arms. He kissed her forehead and smiled at her. I'd never been hurt worse before, not even by my parents. I stuttered backwards and turned and ran. As I ran up the street, all I could here was Harry's faint voice yelling "Brittney, Brittney" through the wind. How could I not have seen this coming, he's a celebrity that always has new girls. I was just one of his little experiments, just a girl he never cared about.

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