A Walk to Remember: dedicated to Harry Styles

Britney has all sorts of problems in and out of school. She can't take it anymore when she runs away to one of her favorite childhood places. She never thought that would be one of the best things she has ever done for herself.


7. Does She Know


Britney's P.O.V


             I ran as fast as I could. Tears streaming down my face. I just couldn't believe he did this to me. He took me in when nobody else did and then he cheated on me. I cried even harder. It was so cold and it had started to rain. I was shivering really bad. A car pulled up the road. It was about to go ahead of where I was but then it stopped right in front of me. The window went down and a voice yelled," Need help." I knew that voice without even seeing the person. "NIALL, thank God," i screamed. I ran to the car and got in. "What are you doing walking in the rain," he questioned with worry in his eyes. "Well, Harry... Harry cheated on me," I cried,"Oh Niall it was horrible I walked in and there he was kissing another girl." He grabbed me and pulled me into a huge hug. "How could he do that to you, you're the most amazing girl I've ever met," Niall said obviously frustrated. "I…I don't know," i whimpered. "Let's get you back to my house and warm you up," Niall said soothingly. "Niall why were you driving around here," I asked. "I had just gotten out of the park lucky for you," He laughed. "Oh Niall i feel awful about that," I sighed. "It's fine all that matters is that you're ok," He smiled. Niall rubbed my hand and I felt calm. We got back to his house and he warmed me up with a nice cup of hot cocoa and we sat on the couch and began to watch a movie. "Oh Niall thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me," I smiled. "Oh no problem anything for the best girl in the whole world," he smiled and kissed my head.  As the movie neared the end I fell asleep in Niall's arms. I started to dream of Niall and what my life would be like with him but something just wasn't right. I awoke to the sound of the doorbell. I pretended to still sleep. Niall got up and opened the door. I looked up and saw a soaking wet Harry. I gritted my teeth and layed back down. "Why are you here," asked Niall angrily. "Let me just explain," yelled Harry. "Why would you do that to someone as beautiful and loving as Brittney, why do you think she deserved that crap Harry?" questioned Niall angrily. "That'snot what happened I need to speak to Brittney," Harry said quietly. "NO," I yelled. Harry looked over at the couch and walked over to me. "Brittney oh love you know I'd never do that to you," He said soothingly. "Then what was that Harry Styles, why did I walk in on you kissing another girl, what is it because I'm not good enough for you, because I'm just another ratty girl you pick up and cheat on or just a poor girl you decided to make fun of? I yelled. "No it was my cousin ,Skyler," he began to cry," You know I'd never hurt you or cheat on you because your the only girl that's actually made me feel loved, the only girl that I know wasn't set up by management, I love you so much with all my heart I gave you all those kisses and hugs and surprises because I love you, I love you so much Brittney and I will never ever let you go, I saved you because when I first layed eyes on you I knew you were the one." I started to cry the hardest I'd ever cried. I hadn't realized anything. I'd been blinded by hurt to not give him a chance to explain. I jumped into his arms, we were both crying. He ran all this way to save me the girl nobody ever loved. "I love you so much Harry Styles, more than I'll ever be able to explain, you complete me," I cried. He picked me up and twirled me around and kissed me. "I'm so sorry," he cried. "No I'm sorry," I cried. He smiled and I smiled right back, his famous dimples beaming. Then I remembered Niall was there. He looked hurt. I ran to him and hugged him. "Oh Niall I couldn't thank you enough and guess what you did save my life," I giggled. "I guess I did," he laughed. "Niall, I'm so sorry," i sighed. "Hey it's fine I know a happy couple when I see one and you guys are meant to be, besides, I have Demi Lovato's number," he laughed. "Oh Niall," I said squeezing him tighter. Then I ran to Harry and grabbed his hand." Ready to go love," he asked. "Yep all ready," I laughed. Just then a girl that looked about 20 ran through the door. "Oh my gosh Harry, you just ran I got so scared," the girl exclaimed. "I'm so sorry Sky," Harry exclaimed giving his cousin a huge hug. "So this is the infamous Brittney," smiled Skyler," I've already heard so much about you." "Skylerrrr," Harry blushed. "Oh Harry don't be embarrassed, you're in love," smiled Skyler. "I'm so sorry we scared you like that," Skyler said. "Oh don't worry, It's all good," I smiled. Harry smiled and kissed me. "Ok lovebirds, I see," laughed Skyler. We laughed. Niall was staring Skyler down. "Oh Niall just tell her you like her," I laughed. "What," Niall blushed snapping out of his daze. We all started to laugh. "No, no it's just Harry how I have I never been introduced to your beautiful cousin before," smiled Niall. "Hey back off," laughed Harry. "No, no it's fine," smiled Skyler. "Ooooooo," me and Harry both yelled. The happy little pair laughed. "All right guys, time to go," yelled Harry. "How bout this, Skyler can stay and watch a movie and sleep in the guest room while you two spend some mending time together," asked Niall. "Niall," Harry said protectively. "You know what cuz, It's ok, I agree with Niall, you two do need a little time," smiled Skyler. "Alright alright you two but if you do anything bad," Harry warned Niall. "I won't, I promise," smiled Niall. "Ok but only for tonight," laughed Harry. "Yess," Skyler and Niall screamed. "Alright you two have fun," I laughed as me and Harry ran out the door." "Byeee," yelled Niall and Skyler. Harry and me ran into the car. "OMG i'm so happy for them, aren't you," I asked Harry. " Yea sure," said Harry uneasily. "Harry they'll be fine," I laughed and kissed him. "I know,"  he smiled a huge warm smile and put his hand on top of mine. I smiled and he winked. When we got back we made popcorn and popped a movie in and cuddled up. "I love you Brittney," he smiled squeezing me. "I love you too Haz," I said kissing him.

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