The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


5. ..............

She couldn't see anything, the world was black around her.

He couldn't see through the blinds the hospital room, why won't they let me in? he asked himself.

Why was it dark why was her stomach aching, this pain was worse than anything she had ever experienced.  Everything hurt she thought she was dead, but she wasn't. Not yet anyways.

He ached all over, he thought it was over.

Reviving her wasn't working, you could hear from a mile away the screaming going on inside.

He couldn't cry, no joke he just didn't he just can't. He couldn't stand it any longer.

She tried moving, but she couldn't everything around her glued her into place.

He shoved himself into the room just as the doctors flung themselves off of her. He looked around for reassurance, he found none. He made his way to the limp body of Eve. He looked up, down, left, and right. One of the multiple doctors finally spoke up, "Comatose, she's in a Coma." He sat down waiting for her to wake up.... Something the doctors, and eventually him knew was never going to happen.


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