The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


6. "You're Next"

When the love of your life is in between life and death what do you do? Bring flowers? You just sit there in the hospital room, sit there. You don't do anything, but sit there.

When you can't see anything and you can't feel anything what do you do? Wake Up? It isn't that simple.

How do you wake someone in a coma up? The truth is you can't.  You can't do anything really, but keep paying for LifeSupport.

Everything flooded through his mind as he looks up at the doctor. " Who am I making the check out to doctor?" He kept asking that same question.

"Son, it's been three years. When are you going to realize we are keeping LifeSupport on a corpse?" the doctor complained.

She isn't DEAD, she's alive, I know she is!" chills went through every fiber in Oliver's body.

The phone in the room buzzes, the doctor picks it up, "It's for you..." handing the phone to Oliver.

"You're Next." was all the voice said before Oliver drops the phone as a bullet tears through his abdomen.

"Have a nice death Oliver, I've been waiting for a long time just for this moment." it spoke once again. It had been three years. It was time to pay his debts. This was the only way.

Doctors filled the scene as Oliver bled. They worked fast calling ICU workers onto the scene, police to scope for evidence, grabbing gurnies and lifting him onto it. Saving what life was still left of him.  Saving his life was difficult enough, but when the victim doesn't cooperate... "I just want to be with Eve." he cried. "It hurts." he pleaded for the hurt to leave, but the truth was it was already there, sitting there for three years.  Saving his life was no longer a dream when it was achieved in less than 5 minutes, well what life he had wasn't really there, but his real life was taken three years ago.  They had his life, but under one condition....... Oliver was now in a Comatose State of living, not death but not truly life. At least, in some twisted way, he was with Eve.




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