The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


4. Why?

Should he give himself the urge to speak again, should she tell him why she's covered in scars? Should he ask why she did such, but then again he should be asking himself the same question.

Would she get the chance to run or stay? 

Will he ever understand? 

She walks out leaving him to stand alone in the bloodied bathroom.

She walks out the shared homes doors, onto the streets.

He slides down the wall...what went wrong?

She walked out into the rode. He looked out the window.

She turned around.

He opened the window, tossing the blades.

She closed her eyes, not seeing something important.

His eyes grew giant as he saw something important.

She opened her eyes...... He screamed," EVE LOOK BEHIND YOU."

She didn't turn the other way, but the gun shot was all she needed to hear.

"EVE, EVE I'M COMING DOWN!" The gun shot was all he could here. 

Why was life so difficult, why couldn't it be easy?

If life was easy it would be a whore.

If life was easy it would be all to good.

There would be no balance.

Life had to be hard.

Why was the time the ambulance took so long?

Why was he so tired?

Why did he feel like death took them both?

Why was she still not awake?

Why were they still reviving her?

Why was it still flat lined? Why was she not moving?

Why? Why? Why? Why?

What's next? What Happens Now?

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