The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


8. Tell Me

Her eyes, so blank, so glossed over.

His eyes, burning holes in the darkness.

He had become something of Fiction.

She was a pure and surging source of Truth.

This Hidden Truth, she never let a darkness seam upon her.

He let a darkness capture him.

His choices swallowed him whole; taking him further into the hole.

Didn't anyone ever tell you to never mess with the bulls, or else you get the horns?

Doesn't a parental figure tell you that you are a grand child?

Doesn't your past have an effect on the future?

She could tell him all she wanted, he wouldn't listen though.

She could whisper into the void all she wanted, the screams would only reach the middle.

As we unravel a story of lost hope we can only imagine the hope.  We can only imagine the void in your soul.  We can only imagine.  We can only imagine the hope being ripped out of Oliver, casting him further.  We can only imagine the physical pain.






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