The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


3. Realization

She didn't realize that he cut so deep. She never thought the reason he wore sweaters and sleeves all the time was for this reason. I was one of those things that never would have crossed her mind, but one time it did, she quickly pushed it out of her thoughts as she got ready for what might happen next.

He didn't know the secrets she had held, the secrets she might have.

She never told him she did the same.

He might never know why, but jeans and sweats were forever adorning her legs.

She didn't cut in the obvious places.

He thought she was clean and strong.

She thought he was just bipolar.

He thought she was sweet, confidant, real.

She thought he was close, heartfelt, beautiful inside an out She also thought he would never turn out like she did.

He didn't think she would ever hurt herself trying to help him.

Cleaning the wounds of a fight can unleash secrets no one wanted to find out.








"Oliver turn around I'm putting on some other jeans."

"We have been together for 6 years and I can't see your legs?"

"Absolutely not."

she didn't think he would turn around and find out. Or see scars.

"OLIVER, TURN AROUND!" She yelled.

"Eve?'' he whispered, gaping at her scarred legs.

Everywhere from beginning of the thigh to start of the knee was covered in scars.

"Oliver, please." she started to cry. Nothing was going to be alright.

Then again if to wrongs make a right... Can to broken people make a positive life for each other?

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