The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


1. Prologue

    He shoved himself up against the locked, bathroom door. His voice was enough to sent chills down her back," Open the DOOR EVE, OPEN UP DON'T THROUGH IT AWAY, THEY ARE JUST BLADES PLEASE, Please!" He screamed and tried to break the door.

She worked fast slightly cutting her shaky, nimble fingers trying to toss the razor blades out of the window, she carefully opened the window," Oliver, don't fight me I'm trying to help you!" She whispered loud enough for him to here her. 

She had them almost out of the window when she heard the jiggling of the door knob, he manages to throw the door open. He tramples over to her grabbing her by the waist, her hand's grip around the blades tightens and cuts start to create themselves in her hands. 

Her hands are in so much pain she tries pushing him off, but nothing works. "EVE PLEASE DON'T I NEED THEM!" He screams. "NO, You don't need to hurt yourself anymore, Oliver, please don't do this!" She pleaded. He pulled her from the window, her hands falling to her legs, hard, two cuts in her thighs, he looked at her, she looked at him. 

His face suddenly softened. "Eve, I...I didn't know you were still holding them." He looked at her feeling suddenly ashamed.

"It's okay I didn't know that you cared about blades so much. Why do you keep secrets from me?" She questioned.

She removed the blades from her hands and looked at herself, thighs cut, hands covered in the blood from her grip so tight.

"I just thought you would leave me if I let you see me like this. I didn't know you would come home from work so early. I guess I thought you would think I was weak."

He finally answered. "Oliver, I wouldn't leave especially with you in such a condition, I love you too much to do that to you." She whispered.

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