The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


11. New Year's Eve, Eve.

It was New Year's Eve.  This is the big day.  This is not only a birthday, but a wedding day.  It's been three years since the convention.  It's been three years since the proposal.  Everything was okay.  Everything was fine.  He stood in his room, the groomsmen ready to help anything, the best man keeping him sensible.  She sat, her gown draped perfectly over the stool she sat on.  The room of hers filled with maids, the maid of honor stood by the mirror.

"Do you need any help?" the best man asked the groom.

"Dear? Can I get you more glitter?" the maid of honor asked the bride.

"No, I'm fine." the bride and groom said simultaneously.

The two sat/stood in their rooms.  Her hair was being done and he was checking his.  Her makeup being looked over, his bowtie being tied.  Her pearls being placed, his suit being lint-rolled.  She was nervous, she had to walk down an isle of people.  He was nervous, he had to stand in front of everyone and wait for her to walk down the isle.  Their nerves wrecked each person's thoughts.  The last flower was being pinned into her braid, the last glance at the mirror.  He stood at the top of the isle.  She walked slowly down a the hallway before the huge doors that opened into the chapel.

"Am I late?" She asked Schmidt's great grandmother.

"Dear, a queen is never late.  Everyone else is simply early."

She took in a breath, breathing slowly as her navy heels hid under the layers of white fabric.  She looked elegant as the doors opened for the world to see her.  Her striding, shaky steps clicked as she walked forward, her father holding her at her side.  A broken girl, a famous writer, a beaming bride.  Schmidt's eyes widened, softened as he saw her.  The world looked in awe at her, his broken girl, his famous writer, his beaming bride.  His smile was small as her hand he was taking.

"Take good care of my little girl." her father said.

"I promise you I will."


"You may now kiss the bride." the Priest said joyously.  He closed the bible as Schmidt took Eve/Caroline's hands in his.  They closed their eyes and brought their lips together as the world awed for them.  Many years of happiness now.  Many tears of joy.  Many smiles, laughs, cheers, giggles and tears in the future.  Her broken past had brought her to the arms of a complete future.  May the pages of many books be filled together; Eve and Schmidt Willow.


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