The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


10. Encounters

She'd changed her name.

She'd changed her hair.

She'd changed everything.

She was a new person.


It was the morning of a special day for Eve, or Caroline.  Her hair of flames sat in a bun on her head.  It was 4 in the morning and she hadn't gone to bed yet.  She'd been working on a new book.  She's only working on a draft.  It's only a draft. she would repeat to herself.

The doorbell rang, from the back of the house she heard the familiar trill.  She closed the journal as she stood to answer the ongoing ring.

"Just a moment darling." she fragilely yelled.

Her feet scuttled the ground in her slouching footies.  The door in eye sight now as she ran across the home.  The door was closed.  She ran faster, big house.  The door opened.  She smiled to the one on the other side.  It was Schmidt, her fiance'.

"Hello darling." he smiled.

"Hello." she beamed back.

The scars on her thighs had gone by now.  No real trace of her past was visible.  Invisible yet visible in her stories.

"How's the draft?" he asked as they walked back to the back.

Her sweater, his sweater actually, draped her and slouched off of her shoulder as she slumped back into the cuddled position on her office chair.

'Terrible, I have no memory of what Johann and Liberty face next.  I remember the finest details of what we said last night." she sighed.

"No worries.  Didn't we say something about the two facing Chandler when they arrived at the palace?  They walked in, searching for clues, and they found some?" he searched his mind.

"Genius! This is why I love you." she smiled, pulling out the journal and scribbling more notes in.

She pulled out the laptop, clicking in on a chat room for her company.  The big guys.  The ones who published her stories.  She ran to the couch, mug of Irish tea in hand as she curled up next to Schmidt.  The screen popped open with 4 men as she got comfortable.

"Caroline!  How's it hanging my dear?  Schmidt so lovely to see you!" Bradley said.  He was from Australia, probably the only guy that still lived on a 205 year old boat in this century.

"Oh Bradley, it's hanging well I guess.  I'm on the 35th chapter right now, things are moving like molasses." she said, cheery as always.

"Schmidt, you keeping her working?" Corbin asked.  He's the most important of the four.  From California, he knows business best.

"Oh, she's been up all night.  We've been working all week for this chapter.  Keeping her in great shape lads." he smiled.

"Let's get into the story shall we." Blair suggests.  The only girl, the only sensible one.

"Sounds great." James agrees, the many men agree over the screen.

"So guys, tell me about chapter 35." They say collectively.

"Well, let's start at..." she continues as they nod.  She goes on a journey through words.  Describing great details unto the publishers.


Later in the day as Schmidt helps Eve/Caroline get ready for the Convention he reads an old book.  The first book she ever wrote.  She pulls on a deep purple dress with frills around the V-neck, and floral details all over.  He finishes the first few chapters as he admires such a young soul she was.  The cream flats and pearl jewelry fit well with her engagement ring.  So much happens here, he thought to himself.  She straightened her hair, added a slight wave to it and put on some light makeup.  It looked okay.  He finished the next few chapters, she looked over, it's nothing specified.  It's not like I never told him about my past.  He knows, he's okay. It's fine. She thought.  They got ready and went to an event of leisure, closure, relaxation.  She talked to some of the highest writers she'd ever read.  Schmidt was introduced to many of his fiancé's role models.  His Italian heritage and charm swept away many of the people she had wanted him to  impress.  Everything was wonderful.  Everything was joyous.

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