The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


7. A Reaccurance

At least, in some twisted way, he was with Eve.

What Oliver didn't realize was that his past has brought him down.

Her past has lifted her up.

He would reside in hell.

She would gleam in heaven.



He made bets, he paid for her bills from gambling.  Gambling with the wrong people.  Before Eve met him, he was taking the wrong things from the wrong people.

These people wanted their things back, so they created a sort of Master Plan.

She was just a depressed girl, she'd never done any wrong upon the world.  Her only mistake was finding him.

The people watched him, with her, they had found their weapon.  They searched for her, they found a time of perfect flaws.  They knew their job, but they didn't know the consequences.

She ran into the street.

The gunshot was all she needed to hear, Oliver knew his time was up.

Weeks before, he had been given a time limit to bring them their things.  He did not listen.  He refused.

She found blades, we know what happened.

The people were ready for her.

She ran into the street, she knew what was going on.  She had found the notice.


Oliver's head sticking out the window, him rushing to her.  They had to find another way.

While she was in her coma, three years he spent bidding, taking mollies, smoking pot, supplying dugs to dealers, he was in with the sharks.  He didn't know they'd find him in a vulnerable spot.

As he signed the check, he turned to the bed.  He knew his time was up.  He would be with Eve right? Wrong. She's going up and he's only sinking further.

Tell me, dear Oliver, tell me was it really worth it?

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