The Hidden Truth

You can live a life of scars and regrets, but can you dream without believing?


2. A Pre Prologue Monet

Oliver opened the door to the classroom, words of hate flooded his brain. Why was he letting them hurt him, these words left him broken. The world seemed against him. He survived another day of hatred and depression making the dark cloud over his head a deeper grey than before.  He walked home, heading for his bathroom, he opened the jar of blades carefully choosing one. He sucked in air and placed the blade to his wrist, it cut into his skin leaving him as if the air felt lighter. Why did he do this, why was this his only way? We may never truly know. All he knew was the air was lighter when he cut into his skin, careful to patch up the wounds, Eve would never see. Oliver seemed too good to do such a thing, why would he do such? He never guessed She would come home earlier than expected, that she might catch him in the act, or try to take the matter into her own hands... No one truly thinks what might happen no one ever really knew it might come to this.

Oliver awakens in a haze, almost as if the walls around him might cave in at any moment.  Eve woke up from the depths of a dark dream, feeling of isolation enclosed the gap in her bed... She spends the work day tired and out of place,why do I feel so depressed today?, she thought. Oliver arrives home 30 minutes before an early Eve will walk through the doors, thinking its okay he has hours before she shows up those hours, truly just mere seconds, he thought he would be able to release his feelings through a cut in the wrist, he could clean up and grab a long sleeved shirt to hide from his love, little did he know.

He took out the blade from his jar almost through the word imprinted forever as a scar on his arm, Imperfect,  when the door to the shared home swung open leaving Oliver scared and Eve in shock, horror, mixed emotions... "Oliver?" she whispered.

"Don't look please Eve." he begged, the blood dripping from his arm.

She couldn't tear her eyes away, she finally spotted the jar, a plan boiling in her brain. She walked out into the hallway, with Oliver hot on her trial she manages to run into the bathroom and lock the door, Oliver on the other side slamming up against it.






She looks at his bleeding arm, "Why does it say Imperfect?" she asked. "Because that is what I was made to be.." He whispered. "But your perfect to the people who matter the most.


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