How the Name "Cortana" Came to Be

This is for my amazing boyfriend Jon, he's been a super nice guy and is my everything. He's also my Halo: Reach partner and LOVES Master Chief and the story line of Halo. I was a Halo fan for a long time growing up in Mississippi, but sadly had to move and lost connection to the game saga. When I met Jon, he got me back into the game and fell in love with again. And made me fall for him.

This is a story that I came up with on how Cortana came to be. I KNOW this is not how she came to be, but this is just MY version of it.


1. Chapter 1

  I step off the Pelican and onto my new training base, Teribia. It's located on an ice block of a planet and has a military platoon of 1900. Not  a lot. I file into formation and wait for the commander to show up. ' Holy hell it's cold out here.' I think to myself. A couple of Spartans walk past me and I see one in a very familiar armor set that I had seen before during my basic training.   " Commander on deck!" I hear someone yell and we steeped into formation. A woman in Football armor walks up to us and takes off her helmet. "I'm Commander Ragner of the 137 Flight battalion. Please step forward and state your name and rank." There was a bunch of guys who stepped up and did there thing. I was the last one and the only girl in the squad. "Name please."

  " SR-12 Cortana Stafford." Commander Ragner studied me like I was a new species of Covanent. "Where did you come from Stafford?" I didn't want to talk about what happened, how Silva was lost, the destruction of the place, and Lasky....I miss him. "Um....Cirnicus-IV Commander." She placed he helmet back on and told me to follow her. I heard tons of oh's and looked back to see on of my only friends in the squad, Calico. He just nods at me and smiles. Calico has a dirty blonde shave and a small scare above his left eye. " So we have a survivor form there. Well Chief did his dame job and got some of you out." Confused I asked, " Commander, who is Chief?"  

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