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1. one direction fan fiction



Okaay these are just a few things that I hate about one direction fan fics, no hate because even though some of this happens in some they're actually good books, by good authors.



1. They meet at nando's -_-


2. They meet at Starbucks


3. The girls look like fucking Victoria secret models but they're insecure -_- bitch no!


4. After you spill coffee on - your boy of choices he smiles and says its okay, -__- if that was me I'd curse the clumsy bitch out - but later apologize cuz I hate being mean to girls'


5. After 2 weeks they fall in love and get married


6. The title is "adopted by one direction" -_- how fucking original


7. Zayn leaves perrie for you -_- bitch no


8. The directioners never sense you hate . . . . not logical


9. Girls never have their period but always end up pregnant


10. They always call out Niall's Irish accent  . . . . -_- why can't you describe anything else


11. The guys instantly fall for you -_- I wish life was like that


12. The story is oh- so predictable : 

Girl wakes up and feels like going to nandos, hops in the shower, hops in her closet to put on some clothes -that are fluffing amazing hops into the car and drives to nandos, or Starbucks, gets coffee and turns around bumping into niall horan spilling hot ass coffee on him "oh I'm sorry" says the girl "oh its okay I love you, wanna get married"  says hi all. "Sure" says the girl. 2 weeks later they get married have a kid name her "sweety-perfect-honey-booboo-shiba-sweety" but her nickname is "Darla" then they live happily ever after


13. Harry is always described as cheeky -_- I know he is but its overly used


14. The main girl is never black . . . wtf


15. The girls always be like "I looked into his deep blue orbs, they were as deep and blue as the ocean" DAFUQ IS A ORB CUZ IT'S NOT A DAM EYE, IF MY EYES ARE BLUE I DONT WANT'EM TO BE COMPARED TO AN OCEAN I DONT LIKE WATER AT ALL. FUCK AS SOON AS YOU TELL ,E THAT I THINK OF DROWN'N. . . . U CRAZY BITCH U WANT ME TI DROWN DONTCHU . . . SMDH


16. You and Harry's childs name is Darcy . . , -___- ( shout out to the person who commented this ;) lololol)



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