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3. lolololol

Is it bad that I have a whole section of pictures dedicated to harry styles? I think fucking not! This kid is fucking gorgeous he's prettier then most girls, and that's saying something.


Harry styles I commend you for being pretty as fuq, I hope to be as pretty as you one day. But anyway my point to this was to talk about my sisters fan fiction titled "adopted by one direction" - stereotypical ass name- ---____---- but that's not the point, I read it and I liked the fact that it didn't end with a happy ending. 


At the end of her story guess what happened. . . . . . ALL TJEM BITCHES DIED. I have mad respect for her, I don't want them to side but, that shit was mad unexpected, that legitly never happens, my sister wrote an unoriginal ass story but I like the ending - though it was a parody- it was awesome.


Hey maybe I shud make a parody one direction loves story, tell me watchu think.




#HOE U DIED . . . . . . from laughing . . . . . . just kidding bitch u had aids

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