. . . . . . .


7. dont you just love it?

Don't you just love it when . . . . . 


1. Your teacher assigns you 1890 years worth of homework -_-


2. Someone looks over your shoulder while your reading


3. Some one ask's you what twitter is -_-


4. When someone asks you to be their boy/girl friend, then you say no and their like "you were ugly anyway" -_- bitch evidently I was a sexy beast when you asked me out, but since I said no I'm rasputia - from norbit-  bitch shut the fuck down, now, please


5. When someone tries to read your fan fiction over your shoulder -_- like bitch, go find yo own book porn - ;-)  u know where I'm coming from


6. When my racist grandma says Nicki minaj is going to hell - . - can I go with her? Cuz she fine as fuck


7. When someone calks someone else a fag in front of me *pulls out gun* - die homophobes die. . . jk-


8. That moment when your crush sends you ";-) " but then after you don't reply cuz your fangirling texts "jk,jk" I just be like -_- I'm bouts jk my foot up yo jk ass jk? I think fucking not!


9. That moment when your broke •_•


10. That moment when your fangirling and Simone interrupts






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