. . . . . . .


8. author problems

Okay my author problems are . . . . .


•  when people comment "UPDATE" like bitch no, I don't like that I want something cooler like - slimjim- or -cheese my nachos bitch - something that'll make me laugh and motivate me to update. Or you could just get off your high ass bitch thrown and tell me why you like the story and what should happen next - no one does that, plus I like my bitch thrown -


• when people get mad at me cuz I won't let them co-author my story, like -_- bitch no, go fall off London bridge . . while its falling down with all that bullshit


• when I have writers block


• when bitches copy my story idea, characters, plot, and meaning like bitch . . . bitch . . . bitch NO!!


• when some random person says I copied there shit like -_- bitch you can't even think that with a straight fave, so why you lie'n


• when someone critisizes my book, like BITCH IF YOU DONT LIKE *points to the door* YO ASS MAY LEAVE


• -_- when sumone gives me dumb comments such as 


"It was okay"


"I liked some of it"


"It could be better"


And my favorite


"I'm confused"


• when people comment shit that does not even go with my story it's just some random bull crap from conversations -arguements- we've had before


Iol well yea, comment your "author problems"  so I may add them here






-HOES B4 BRO'S ;)-

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