Camp 1D

(Warning its my first story so it's probably bad) what will happen when Colette,Ashley,Tessa,Lucy,and Macy go to summer camp to have a great time but soon find out that their 5 enemies are coming too


4. Tessa's house

Tessa's POV "Tessa don't worry, we're gonna have some fun,"dad said as I hid in the closet."come on come on come on I can make it." I heard about this camp while my dad was watching the television. I locked my door quickly and put my bed and bookshelf in front of the door. My bag had all of my stuff in it. My dad was banging on the door, "TESSA OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" I don't cry anymore I'm used to it. I hopped out of the window and ran. I had just enough money for the bus. I started walking, people were staring at me. I bumped into a few people on the way. I got to the bus stop and waited about five minutes before the bus arrived. The bus driver looked at me. "You need three more dollars." The guy behind me said, " Here, you dropped this." "Thanks," I told him and climbed into the bus. He sat next to me. " Did I really drop that?" "No I just thought it was the nice thing to do." It was silent for about twenty minutes. " I'm Tessa 19 years old" "Matthew 20" we talked about different things for the rest of the drive. AT CAMP I walked off the bus and to the check-in table."name, age, and date of birth" "Tessa,19, April 26" "cabin 18"(forgot the cabin number) "thank you" "no problem" I walked towards the cabin and saw that there were a few people there already all girls. I ran in, "hi guys" "TESSA" they screamed. "You know I need my ears right"
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