Camp 1D

(Warning its my first story so it's probably bad) what will happen when Colette,Ashley,Tessa,Lucy,and Macy go to summer camp to have a great time but soon find out that their 5 enemies are coming too


2. Lucy's house

Lucy's POV         "I forgot to pack what do I do" I mumbled. I grab as many things that I might need this month such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, and my make up. I stood up with my back facing the suitcase and slammed myself onto the suitcase as hard as I could. I made sure to zip it up as fast as I could. My suitcase was in one hand (neon animal prints may I add), the matching carry on in the other, and the matching backpack on my foot just kidding it was on my back. While I was walking downstairs I started to hum Want U Back by Cher Lloyd to myself. I got downstairs and called to my mom she ran out of the living room and didn't even help me, all she did was walk out the door not even looking at me as if I wasn't there. She got into the car and stared at me in disgust like I was road kill with animal poop surrounding it while I walked out struggling with everything in my hands. I finally got to the car and piled my things in the back seat of the car. As I started to get into the front seat my mom looked at me like I was crazy and said "why are you sitting there how many times have I told you to sit in the back" in an are you serious tone. I gave her the same look she had on and said in a snobby voice "actually that was the first time" mocking her she opens her mouth like she's going to say something but closes it quickly. I got into the front seat and buckled my seatbelt while she starts the car.                         .........................................................  AN HOUR LATER...................................................................  We were listening to music when she turned it off and said "UGH! that song is so annoying." I gave her a dirty look because it was my favorite song Breakeven by The Script. She looked at me and said " eww you smell" looked at her smiled an said "thank you, I do smell like the most beautiful aromas in the world." We arrived and she opened the door."Take your stuff and go." She practically yelled. I looked at her and mumbled "love you to, mom"and started walking to the check in table.I gave them my name and they told me my cabin number. I walked towards my cabin and got excited because I might have accidentally looked at who was in my cabin and saw that my four best friends were in my cabin. I broke into a run towards my cabin ran through my cabin door, formed a gun with my hand, and screamed "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY" they all screamed then we all broke into fits of laughter and I screamed in an extremely girls voice, " OMG THIS IS TOATS GOING TO BE THE BEST SUMMER EVER EVERYONE ELSE IS TOATS JELLY OF US!!!" 

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