Camp 1D

(Warning its my first story so it's probably bad) what will happen when Colette,Ashley,Tessa,Lucy,and Macy go to summer camp to have a great time but soon find out that their 5 enemies are coming too


3. Colette's house

    Colette's POV


"Goin' Goin' Goin' tooooo ca-a-amp to re-e-eeeeejoin the FABU fiiiiieeeeeiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvveeee" I sang ending in my beauty of a pose kneeling with my hands in the air. Oooopsies forgot to pack.              Eh I'll just pack most of my drawers and closet. I started twirling almost falling on my butt. I sat on my ocean blue bed covers. "YOLO" I screamed at the top of my voice. After I was done packing          well throwing random stuff in my bag, I yelled to my mom "let us go my lady."  She ran and grabbed her One Direction CD. Here comes about a long drive of One Direction. "Mom you're such a directionater" I sighed. "How dare you. YOU are a directionater, however I am a directioner" my mom said with a smart tone. "Mother, how dare you use that tone with me" I said with a fake surprised. "Whatevs mom whatevs."




"We are here my lady," mom said in a surprisingly good British accent. "Love you mom." "Miss you already" I yelled to my mom. I got to the cabin and opened the door. I screamed at the top of my voice, " FABU FIVE REUNITE." 





Five more reads and 2 more fans for next chapter

                                                    ~~~~~~ The Weirdest Child In The World <333 : P

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