Camp 1D

(Warning its my first story so it's probably bad) what will happen when Colette,Ashley,Tessa,Lucy,and Macy go to summer camp to have a great time but soon find out that their 5 enemies are coming too


5. Ashley's house

Ashley's POV

  "mom come on" "what I need my hug/kiss" "mom my friends are probably already at camp" "it's only a few minutes away." "Fine let's go" I packed my stuff yesterday because I knew my mom would do this. I got to the car and put all of my stuff in the trunk of the car. "Mom I'll drive" "okay" "what are you doing" "grabbing all of our favorite CDs" "mom it's a half our drive, we wouldn't be able to listen to 1 whole CD" "fine I'll pick 1" "okay 1 that's it"




"trade seats mom" "I don't want to drive" "to bad hurry up" "fine" I ran to the table. "Ashley,19, January 2" "cabin 18" I walked away to my cabin hoping I wasn't last haha I caught Tessa. "Tess TESS" I have to go to the bathroom anyway. I went quickly washed my hands then ran to the cabin. My bags weighed me down so I took longer than usual. "The party walked in" "ASH YOU'RE HERE" "yep mom decided to NEED a hug/kiss"


for the next chapter I need to reach 85 reads 5 faves 2 comments of criticism 2 comments of liking and 1reason why

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