Teenage Dirtbag

Casey was just 18. She did all lot of crazy things

Until she met Louis. He was the same. Except. He has some things hidden.

Can she take it?

Or will she let go?


2. Louis

  Louis's P.O.V

 I walked into the school building looking around to see the many faces of Wells High School. The geeks, Marcel's people. Marcel is Harry;s brother. The plastics. Meg the slut of the whole entire school. I looked at her and she winked biting down on her lip. I scoffed and kept walking. 


Then stopped. 

I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Her long brown bangs fell in front of her face which she quickly swatted it away making me laugh. Her big brown eyes looked around innocently trying to find her classes in the crowded hallways. I could tell she kinda fit in with my kind of friends. By they way she dressed and looked. 

My thoughts were interrupted by Harry swinging his tattooed arm around my shoulder. 

"Are you looking at her?" Harry asked pointing to the girl I was just staring at. I nodded and removed my gaze. Even though I didn't want to. 

"Awe!" I heard a Irish accent coo behind me. I turned around to see my best friend Niall. He laughed slightly at the lad "Shut up." I said hitting him in the chest. 

I heard two other boys laugh. Zayn and Liam. "The gangs all here!!" Niall announced throwing his hands in the air. Liam chuckled at his cousin. 

Okay let's get this straight. Liam and Niall are cousins. Marcel and Harry are brothers. Eleanor and I are brother and sister. Perrie and Zayn are dating. Dani and Liam are dating also. So yeah!


I looked over for the girl once more to see that she walking with one of her friends maybe. I smiled slightly before Liam and I walked down the hallway to homeroom. You really don't do anything. All they do is take attendance and then you get to talk the rest of the period. Or sleep like Zayn. 



I walked into the classroom with my head down. Daydreaming about that girl. 

I almost bumped into someone and looked up. 

"Decide to come today Mr.Tomlinson?" Mr. Norman asked. I muttered something under my breath before looking for a seat. 


As my eyes scanned the room I met a brown pair of eyes. 

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