Teenage Dirtbag

Casey was just 18. She did all lot of crazy things

Until she met Louis. He was the same. Except. He has some things hidden.

Can she take it?

Or will she let go?


1. Here we are


 "Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby."




 I woke up with a massive hangover! 

"WAKE UP WAKE UP!!" I heard Max scream and jump on my bed. I groaned," Go get daddy" 

I felt him jump off and run back downstairs to get dad. 


  I sighed in relief and then finally made my way downstairs. 

 "Rough day?" I heard my Uncle Mark ask. He would stay the night sometimes. Most of the time.

 I nodded grabbing some Advil and a glass of water. I gulped down the pills and then walked back upstairs. 


My mum was still asleep. She worked most nights cleaning a diner. We didn't have a lot but we were thankful for what we had. We may have a two story house but we didn't get it from money.

Our grandma passed away last year and she gave us her house. 


 I walked back up the old steps some squeaking as I walked. I made my way to the closet in my room and pulled out all I needed. 

Clothes, Makeup, Towel and hair products. 


I went back downstairs to the bathroom and closed the door making sure it was locked. You never know when Max can barge in! He may be cute but looks can be deceiving! 


I turned on the water to the shower before stripping down and pulling my hair from it's ponytail. I ran my hands threw my hair sighing and then getting in the shower. 


I pulled the curtain from the shower and grabbing the blue towel I placed on the toilet. I dried off and then out on my undergarments. I finished getting dressed in my outfit and doing my hair and makeup before opening the door. I threw the towel in the dirty clothes. 

 "GOOOD MORNING!!" I heard Cameron yell. I groaned god she really was a cheerleader. 

"SHUT UPP!!" Katie yelled back making Max giggle. I smiled at them before making my own toast. 


"Don't kill the spirit." Cameron whined stomping her foot. 

"Hush and sit your little cheer self down."



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