Teenage Dirtbag

Casey was just 18. She did all lot of crazy things

Until she met Louis. He was the same. Except. He has some things hidden.

Can she take it?

Or will she let go?


4. Dinner Date.

                                                                 Casey's P.O.V            


                   My eyes widened. Louis Tomlinson was going to be in my house?! I quickly scrambled out of bed and braided my hair making sure it was perfect, I brushed my teeth and put on some perfume before walking out of my bedroom. I hopped down the staircase, yes hopped, and into the kitchen. 


"Oh!" My mum chirped, "This is Casey! Casey these are the Tomlinson's." She motioned towards the people standing in front of us. I smiled at them. 4 girls and one boy. Tough. I looked at Louis and he gave me a soft smile which I returned. "I'm sure you've met Louis." Mum said. 

I nodded in response still looking at him. He was perfect. His sandy brown air was pushed back slightly, his blue eyes had a sparkle to them. He was wearing a green sweater, some black skinny jeans and then some black toms. He was GORGEOUS, He was like a god. I sighed knowing he probably didn't have the same feelings for me. 

"Alright!' My dad said. "Casey would you mind getting the plates set?" 

I nodded and walked into the kitchen pulling out some plates. 

"Need help, love?" I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around and faced Louis, 

Louis, Tomlinson. 

"Erm, no it's okay I got it." I told him and then grabbed all the plates could carry before walking back into the kitchen. 

I placed them all on the table and turned around to get the others but I saw Louis carrying them to the table. He winked and I felt my cheeks heat up as I walked past him. 

I felt someone behind me and I turned around. Once again it was Louis, 

"You look cute!" He said putting on a fake girly voice. I giggled "Well so do you!" 

We both laughed. "Your sisters are gorgeous." I blurted out, Damn it. He chuckled, "Well so are you." I blushed.

'We should go eat." I told him. He nodded and walked with me to the dinner table.

"Oooh! Louis brought a dinner date!" One of the twins said. I laughed and sat down. Louis sat next me.

He leaned down next to my ear. "I guess you're my dinner date, huh?"

"I guess so."




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