Styles Triplets. Plus one!

Mae is 16 years old. Harry, Marcel, and Edward are her cousins. When her parents die in a car crash she has to move in with them. Gemma is in college Harry and Edward are always fighting. Marcel is always being picked on. Can Mae handle the loss of her parents plus being with 3 boys with NO female help?


2. Starting a new life.

      Mae's P.O.V


After settling in I walked down the stair case. THEIR HOUSE WAS FUCKING HUGE!! I already knew I would get lost by tomorrow. "Look who finally came downstairs!" Edward announced. I rolled my eyes, "Don't get your panties in a twist sis." He said. These boys were like brothers to me. I've known them ever since I can remember. Considering the fact that they are my cousins. I rolled my eyes at him making Haz laugh. So let's gets this straight shall we?

Edward is the oldest by a couple minutes. He's well you can say the bad boy. He has the most tattoos between him and Harry. Believe me I've tired to count once when he was babysitting me. Anyway.

Harry is the second oldest. He is more the jock. He's VERY popular, He gets many girls by the way. He has a few meaning less tattoos. Like the one on his wrist which is a padlock. Who gets a tattoo of a padlock?


Then there's Marcel, The sweetest one and also the baby. He thinks he's a nerd but I don't think he is. He's the nicest guy you will ever meet. I know I sound cheesy but it's true! He doesn't have any tattoos.

Gemma is the oldest out of all of them but she's in college.       

"You're gross Edward." Marcel said in disgust making me laugh. Edward rolled his eyes and Harry and I were dying of laughter. Next thing I knew Edward threw my over his shoulder.

"PUT ME DOWN!!" I yelled punching his back. Well, that didn't really help because I was nothing compared to him. I heard him laugh and then he threw me on the couch. I landed with an "oof".

I heard all the boys laughing as I got up from the couch. I huffed and threw a pillow at Edward.

"Don't start Mae I didn't do anything." He pleaded as I continued pelting pillows at him. The other boys were dying almost on the floor. CRYING EVEN! I groaned finding out that I was out of pillows and they were all over on Edward's side.


I walked over to him and grabbed a pillow. Until I was pulled down onto the ground. I squirmed and come to find it was Marcel. He began tickling me. I screamed and laughed as the Edward and Harry were bringing pillows from upstairs. I laughed as Harry almost fell. "SAY MARCEL IS THE BEST!" Marcel screamed as he tickled me more. I laughed more. "Never!" Marcel gave me and evil look before grabbing Harry.

Harry always tickled me the worst. Isn't tickle a weird word. Tickle.

Any way sorry about that. Harry and Marcel BOTH began tickling me. "OKAY OKAY!!" I choked through laughs. They both stopped. "Marcel is the best!" I said taking a breath after all that just went down. Marcel smiled and picked me up twirling me around. Marcel was as strong as the other boys except me just doesn't really fight like Harry and Edward. I wrapped my legs around his waist so he was carrying me like a baby.

"But I thought I was the best." Harry pouted. I giggled and shook my head no kissing Marcel's cheek.

I hopped off Marcel and threw a pillow at Edward hitting him in the head. "OW! Why'd you do that?" He whined. I laughed before running back upstairs locking my door.

"I'LL GET YOU BACK!" I heard Edward yell making me laugh. I grabbed my headphones off my desk. Well it was Gemma's desk but it's mine now! Mwahaha!!


I turned on "Iris" By Sleeping with Sirens. Well the cover I mean.

I felt my phone vibrate. It was Anne, The boys mum.

Anne- Hello love! How are you? I hope the boys are behaving well!

I smiled at her text 

Me- Hi! NOW the boys are behaving! I'm good, love you?

She told me that there's food in the freezer I could heat up. Na, I'll let the boys do it. 

I put my phone up before walking down stairs. Marcel and Harry were watching some dumb movie and Edward was in the kitchen eating. I guessed Louis left because if he didn't , the house would be a mess. 

I walked into the kitchen to find Edward stuffing his face. I rolled my eyes and opened the freezer. 

"What are you doing?" He asked me with a mouth full of food. "Ew manners!" I told him before grabbing a piece of his food. He didn't even care, though. He was used to me taking his food. He eats.


 A lot, Like, even more than Niall. I grabbed the food from the freezer. I opened the cap of the container to find meatloaf. I shrugged and put it in the microwave. I tried to grab a plate, but of course I couldn't because I was too short.

I climbed onto the counter and grabbed it myself. Turning around I faced Edward, he was looking at me with a baffled look. I rolled my eyes and took out my food before sitting up on the counter. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and replied Alissa back. Alissa was my best friend back home. Her house was my house, I would just walk in and they wouldn't even notice. It;s like we were family. 

"Ooooh! Talking to your boyfriend I see!" Harry said, How the hell did he get in here? I looked up from my phone to see all 3 boys in the kitchen. Edward STILL eating. Pig. 

Marcel was doing the dishes. Aw Marcie! 

Harry was leaning against the counter with a smirk on his face. "I don't have a boyfriend Harold." I told him and hopped of the counter and put the plate in the sink. Marcel groaned and washed the last two plates before leaving them out to dry. 

"What about Louis?" Edward winked. "Louis is not my boyfriend." 

"But he likes you." Marcel butted in. I raised an eyebrow. "And?"

Harry rolled his eyes and I hit him in the chest before walking upstairs. 

My phone beeped and I put in my password, Speak of the devil. 

Louis xx - Hello, love. How do you like living with the Styles? x ;)

I blushed at the winky face before replying. 

 Well, I'm starting a new life I know that.



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