Styles Triplets. Plus one!

Mae is 16 years old. Harry, Marcel, and Edward are her cousins. When her parents die in a car crash she has to move in with them. Gemma is in college Harry and Edward are always fighting. Marcel is always being picked on. Can Mae handle the loss of her parents plus being with 3 boys with NO female help?


1. Moving in.

                                                        Mae's P.O.V

I walked up to the mansion my cousins lived in. They were really wealthy. I was going to live with my cousins Harry, Edward, and Marcel. "No turning back now." I whispered to myself before ringing the doorbell. I readjusted my strap of my backpack. That was all I had. Our family really didn't have a lot of money like the boys parents. My parents were... druggies if you will.

"MAE!!!" I heard a high pitched voice scream as the person opened the door. It was Louis,

I pulled me into a hug. Like a very uncomfortable hug. He nuzzled his head into my neck and I could feel him smiling. He has always had a crush on me ever since Harry invited him to the family reunion one year. "I missed you." He mumbled into my neck.

I laughed nervously I also had a crush on Lou. "Thanks I missed you too." I said hugging him back. I heard someone coming downstairs and Louis and I quickly pulled away from our "hug".  "MAE!!!" Harry yelled running over to me hugging me tight. I giggled hugging him back. I heard other people coming downstairs. Marcel and Edward. They both came and gave me a hug also.

"OKAY OKAY NO MORE HUGGING!!" I yelled as they pulled away making them laugh.

"God you guys act like Danner Tanner." I mumbled and making Louis chuckle.


                           Louis's P.OV

    I smiled at Mae. God she was beautiful. Her big brown eyes told her hole story. How she went through beatings, drugs, being sold and then her parents dying. She was so strong. To have to go through all of that by herself. I mean she had a brother but he was nowhere in sight. It pissed me off that he wasn't there to take care of her. He was 23 for gods sake! I sighed as I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Marcel ask Mae something. "Do you want to see your room love?" He asked. She nodded and followed him up the steps. I watched her bum smirking but then found that I would be hit in my head.

"Watch it mate." Edward said.


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