Kanya - A name, a mix, an incarnation.

She was raised in a realm of flame and scale, living with the serpentine drakes she rides and controls, taming them to her hand. Yet a few days before her sixteenth equivalency, a visitor appears in her room, lusting for her strange blood. Everything changes for Kanya, in ways she cannot fathom. Who is her real family? Why couldn't they keep her? Why did that vampire try to kill her...and is literally everything she was raised to believe a lie?


2. Chapter Two

I could only stare, trapped like a deer in the headlights, as the figure climbed out of my wardrobe. He was at least six feet eleven, as white as chalk, with his hair somewhere between mousey brown and blonde, in an expensive-looking tousled cut. His eyes shone deep red, boring into mine with a look of pure hatred. He was in a pure white military jacket piped with red, with sharply pressed white trousers, and red military dress shoes. A wolfish grin crossed his face, exposing long, pointy-looking fangs, that seemed to be stained red with blood.

"Scream all you like, half-breed." He began, in a voice that hid a low growl. His hands were bloodstained, and as he pressed one to my bedroom door, a glowing white seal sprang up on the wood. It was made up of some kind of teardrop, crossed by two bones, and topped by an inverted crucifix. "Nobody will be able to hear you."

My voice was trapped in my throat, frozen in place as I stared at this...vampire. He could only be a vampire with those fangs, and that blood could only be his. He seemed to freeze me in place, as he inhaled slowly. "Ripe..." He purred, his eyes flashing brightly. "The unplucked rose...and the right half-breed. The blood of the foulest Biteling mixes with the blood of prey in your veins. Oh, I smell a taint in there...my dear, you are a mix. No good for any but polluting the world, unlike the young ladies I took my fill of whilst waiting for you."

Young ladies? Oh...he... "You son of a bitch, you drained my classmates!" I yelled, my voice finally coming to me. I know they had done nothing but torment me, but still...nobody's life should ever end with them as a bloodless corpse, frozen with the imprint of their last scream forever on their face. Even Bellatrix didn't deserve that fate.

"Oho, a feisty one. I like it when they fight back. You have your mother's sheer stubborn pride. She too fought back when she faced death. Yet as one of the cockroaches of the vampiric gene pool, she just refuses to die. Hopefully you will be much easier." The vampire growled, lifting the side of his lip in a snarl.

A spike of ice impaled my spine, running the full length of my back. "You know my mother?" I snapped, a dark growl rising from my throat.

"Of course I know the scum that birthed you! The terminal cancer of the vampiric society, firmly in control and poisoning the entire system." He spat, taking a few paces closer to me. "Wiping out her spawn will be a spark of hope. I only wish we found you sooner."

Sooner? We? There were more of them...and had been looking for me for a while? What...what the hell had been going on? They knew my mother...and knew me?

"Enough stalling! I'm going to enjoy feeding from you." He growled, taking a few steps closer as I was forced back, until the cold stone wall chilled my back. His cold fingers pinched into my jaw, tilting my chin up and exposing my neck, as his fangs slowly lengthened. "Goodbye, Kanya Stoher."

I only had one shot at this, so it had better work. "Think again, motherfucker!" I snapped, as my hand closed around the thin column of white wax, and I forced the lit end of the hot candle straight into his left eye.

The effect was instant, forcing the vampire to scream out in pain as black blood flowed out like oil, splattering the tip of the candle embedded in its eye socket and coating his hands as he tried desperately to pull it out. With him distracted, I slipped free, aiming for the window. If I could pull myself up onto the drainpipe and slide down, I would be able to get away and...

And what? Warn somebody? Who would believe me if I said there was a vampire in the girls' dormitory block? Besides, what if he got further, and got into the other dorms?

I'd just managed to get my foot onto the window ledge, when he slammed into me and forced the air out of my lungs, knocking me sideways onto the ledge.

"I will enjoy draining you dry, half-breed!" The vampire snarled, pinching my jaw hard with his sharp fingernails, making two dents and causing two black droplets of blood to leak free from the wounds. His left eye was now deep reddish, leaking black blood from a deep wound right in the centre of what was left of his blackened and burned eyeball.

"Go to hell, you fucker!" I yelled out, drawing my knee up and forcing my foot hard into the fork of his legs, driving him backwards and forcing him to let go of me. He was doubled over in extreme pain from my retaliation, but that didn't mean I had a lot of time.

He wasn't stopping until he'd drained me dry, and I wasn't going to be able to get away. Glancing around in a blind panic, I picked up the wooden chair in the corner of my dorm, and swung it hard into his ribs with a loud crash, and a splintering of wood.

It had done a lot of damage, ripping through his jacket and red undershirt, embedding a few large splinters in its side. Black blood leaked free, but the chair came off worse for wear. Both its front legs had been snapped off, and lay like dropped swords on the floor at my feet.

The vampire wasn't dead though. Just wounded. A groan of pain came up from its throat as he sat up, turning to a growl of pure rage as it focussed on me. "Half-blood bitch!" It snarled, preparing to lunge for me and deliver a death blow.

I didn't know what else to do, so I threw the broken chair at him, aiming to knock him off balance as I picked up the two broken chair legs from the floor. There was no way I'd be able to take flight, so my only option left was to fight. Oily blood now leaked from the vampire onto the floor, making getting over to pin him down with one of the splintered chair legs certainly difficult. His sharpened nails dug into my sides as I forced the chair leg over his heart, and pressed all my weight on top of it.

It punctured his chest with ease, forcing a groan of pain out of the vampire, and forcing blood to come out from his throat. Encouraged, I took the second chair leg and began using it as a mallet, forcing my homemade stake further into his chest. Blood flowed free with each thwack, encouraging me to keep going.

"You. Fucking. Drained. My. Classmates. You. Vampire. Son. Of. A. Bitch."

Venom coated each of my words as I pounded my stake further into his chest, eventually forcing a loud crunch out of the wound, and a spluttering of black blood, causing the vampire to cough weakly for the last time, take a few desperate gasps in, and eventually die, crumbling into pure ash beneath me.

"Not bad for a half-blood." I spat. I hadn't even realised I'd been holding my breath until my lungs burned at every word, and I had to inhale deeply. Ashes and black blood stained the floor of my dorm room, and the mirror hanging on the inside of my wardrobe door reflected the scene. My white blouse was torn and coated in red blood, liberally dusted with grey ashes. My hair was tangled out of its usual straightness, resembling a black cluster of bramble vines weaving through a bush, and I was covered in black blood, splattering me from my brown boots to my cheeks, which were particularly covered. My chest was heaving as I caught my breath, and my fangs were extended.

Shakily, I stood up, over the human-shaped ash pile that was the vampire, and his formerly pristine clothes. My thighs were screeching in pain, and my stomach ached like I'd been impaled on a pike. Sorely, I straightened up a little further, attempting to straighten out my sore, aching spin-

"Kanya Bloodpulse! What in the Realm is going on here!"

I froze, turning to look at where the voice had come from. My dorm room door was hanging open, and in the space stood my stern head of house, a mother to Earth drakes. She was in her late thirties, with reddish curly hair tied in a low ponytail at the base of her neck, and pale blue eyes, with a smattering of light freckles across her nose. She wore a plain black wrap-around top and a knee-length skirt patterned with pink and yellow roses, with plain black high heels. A tiny, olive-coloured drake the size of a gecko, Livjatan, clung to her shoulder as digging in with its tiny claws.

"Well? Aren't you going to explain?" She snapped, her eyes travelling first to the broken chair, then to me, then to the pile of ashes on the floor.

"A vampire attacked, ma'am I killed it." I replied, as Livjatan gave a tiny roar - sounding more like a kitten's meow - and cuddled further into her mother's arms.

She didn't say a word in response, just stared at me, her mouth threatening to drop open suddenly. "What? Kanya Bloodpulse...are you trying to tell me that you killed a vampire on your own?" She eventually exclaimed, once her voice returned.

"Yes, ma'am. It was hiding in my wardrobe...it said it knew my mother." I replied, as the memory came back. How had it known my mother...or known that I was her daughter, for that matter?

"Kanya..." My head of house began, staring at me. "You're sixteen in a few days, right? That vampire came for you, if it knew your mother. Kanya...I think it's time you were told the full story."

The full story? So...she..."You know?" I gasped, as she nodded.

"I know very, very little. Only what came with you as a baby, that the care workers told us. There's something very important I think you should know. Come with me to my office, and be sure to tell me everything that happened." Mrs Truthroot replied, taking me by my arm and leading me back down the spiral stairs.

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