Kanya - A name, a mix, an incarnation.

She was raised in a realm of flame and scale, living with the serpentine drakes she rides and controls, taming them to her hand. Yet a few days before her sixteenth equivalency, a visitor appears in her room, lusting for her strange blood. Everything changes for Kanya, in ways she cannot fathom. Who is her real family? Why couldn't they keep her? Why did that vampire try to kill her...and is literally everything she was raised to believe a lie?


3. Chapter Three

Her office was at the top of one of the four rounded towers of the main academy building, at the end of a long, stone staircase. I'd been there many times before, so knew what the circular room looked like pretty much off by heart: greenish-grey stone walls and dark, polished mahogany flooring, an antique wooden desk in the centre of the room, one navy blue winged chair behind the desk, and three mahogany chairs in front of it. Four tall bookshelves groaning with files were behind the desk, and two arched windows let in the light. On the free wall space were many tapestries and banners for Dennenth House, with the House Crest fixed in pride of place above her desk. The black drake on a background of navy and silver diamonds seemed to glare at anyone sat in front of the desk, with the house motto, "Let your hidden powers cloud not your morals." written in gothic script beneath the crest.

It seemed to be glaring at me even now. Ma'am had draped a tartan blanket over my shoulders, leaving me waiting in her office with a cup of warm, sugary water in my hands. She said it was good for the shock, but it just tasted foul, and now sat turning cold in the cup.

"Now then, Kanya," She began, coming back into the room with a thin file in her hands, sitting opposite me over the desk. Briefly, she paused to take Livjatan off her shoulder and place him in the open-fronted tank on a stand by her desk, before turning back to me. "I realise you're unaware about the majority of your past, is that correct? How long have you been at Cliffside House?"

Though it was disgusting, I took a sip of sugared water to distract myself. "Since hours after I was born, ma'am. I was left on the doorstep wrapped in a bath towel." I replied, trying to avoid looking at my head of house. It was nothing to fucking do with her what happened when I was newly born.

"Were you ever fostered at any point?" She asked again, as I bit my lip, nicking it slightly on one of my fangs.

My fourth birthday was at a foster home, with my first foster mother, Aunt Bridget. My fangs were just coming through at that age, and I saved the iced rosebuds on my birthday cake. She let me keep them and I played Alice in Wonderland with them, painting the roses red with my own blood before I ate them.

She gave me back shortly after then, once my fangs had came through further. My second foster family, London and Faye, took me when I was about seven. They gave me back when it turns out London could give my foster mother a baby after all, and I wasn't needed after all. I was just a substitute for an original.

"Twice, ma'am." I replied quietly, hoping she wouldn't press further.

"I see. Now then, Kanya, I assume you're aware that once you turn sixteen, you'll be of age in our realm, and no longer in the care of the Realm, am I right?"

"Yes, ma'am." I replied quietly, pursing my lips as I took another sip.

"Right, well then you'll probably be aware that coming with that is the right to know of any connections to your birth parents. The plan was for you to recieve these letters on your sixteenth birthday, but recent events mean that we have to give you them now. Before we do, what do you think were the circumstances of your birth?" Ma'am explained, as I bit my lip slightly.

My face was flushed by the time I finished explaining the made-up story I told myself whenever I wondered about my birth parents, from the intoxicating bite down to hiding it in loose sweaters and skiving off Riding classes. Thankfully, my head of house didn't laugh once, and let me keep going. "I see...Kanya, you seem to have come up with a very plausible story. Now...do you wish to know the truth?"

I nodded, briefly taking a sip of sugary water to distract myself, despite how disgusting it tasted now it had gone cold.

"Very well. Kanya, these were found on you when you were born, from your mother. The letter hasn't been opened one bit." She replied, handing me a single note on a bit of paper, and slim, white envelope. The writing on the note was loopy and curly, dancing across the page in something sleek and black, smelling of a mix of the cold grave and something odd...not floral yet not herbal. Almost like lavender. It felt strange to hold too, like I was holding an ancient relic, enscribed with my mother's words.

To whoever finds me, my name is Kanya Stoher.
My daddy is dead. My mummy can't look after me though she wants to.
Please look after me.

Stoher...that was what the vampire called me. Was that...my father's name? Or my mother's? If my father was dead and my mother couldn't look after me...did she give me my father's name as a tribute?

"This was left on me?" I asked, reading over the note again. That was it. These twenty-seven words, four full stops and a comma were all my mother left for whoever found me as a newborn baby.

"That and the letter, for your sixteenth. Kanya...you know it's ok to cry. I won't judge you if you do." My head of house quietly added, indicating the letter I'd set on the desk just in front of me.

Cry? Why would I want to? Right now, the only thing I felt like doing was spitting out the sugared water I'd just drank, as it was getting fouler each time I drank it. My hand shaking slightly, I set the cup down on the desk, and took a look at the letter.

It felt a lot thinner than I expected it to, and lighter, so could be easily slipped in a pocket. On the front, in the same curly handwriting, my mother had written, 'For my baby girl Kanya, when she turns the equivalent of sixteen' in the same black substance, that smelled of a cold grave and lavender. The plain wax seal was intact, and fiddly to break, as I slowly opened and pulled out the letter.

It was just one page. One scarce page of writing. My hand shaking a bit, I began reading through the letter, seeing what exactly my mother had to say for herself.

Not a lot, that was for sure.

My baby girl, Kanya.
You probably detest me as a mother, loathe every aspect of me, and curse me routinely for leaving you, but I had several reasons to do what I did.
My name is Holly. I'm your real mother, and a Biteling vampire. Believe me, baby, I wish I could have kept you, and raised you in a loving family, but I had no choice. It's not your fault, it is the fault of your biological father.
I'm married, and was married at the time of your birth. My husband is a truly wonderful man, and he'd be a wonderful stepfather for you. Yet your biological father...he was a cruel man, brutal in action. He rose from the grave just to torment me, and left me carrying you. My baby girl.
My husband never knew of my assault and pregnancy, as I hid away in the realm which you now live, the Drake Realm, until your birth. Had he known, I may have lost you at birth, either from my husband or my father-in-law though I committed no adultery. I gave you up as I had no choice, though I was desperate to keep you and had there been a way to do so, I'd have kept you as my daughter.
Kanya, you may loathe me, but know this is the truth. I love you, my baby girl. I love you so much that it pained me so much to give you up. I will always love you, no matter what you think of me.
Now you are physically sixteen, you are full old enough to understand why I gave you up. You are still my daughter, my baby girl. I love you with all my heart, and I will always love you.
Your real mother,

So that was it. That was all my mother had to say for herself. She gave me up as she was scared.

"Kanya...you look like you're gonna faint." Ma'am exclaimed, though her words were hazy, moving through shadow blood to reach me. My mother was scared...scared of her husband and father-in-law. She wanted me...she actually wanted me...I wasn't just a reject...she wanted me. Yet why hadn't she contacted me...tried to see me...even just a call...or one visit...not once...not once at all...

I'd suddenly been pulled back from my thoughts and the sudden realisation, as Ma'am's voice was suddenly a lot closer and a lot clearer. I must have fainted at some point, as she had pushed my head down between my knees, and Livjatan was looking at me as confusedly as a pint-sized drake could look. The cup of sugared water lay broken at my feet, and a fresh paper cut graced my finger from how I clutched the letter.

"Kanya, don't try to stand up yet. Sit back and take slow, deep breaths." Ma'am calmly stated as I slowly sat up, breathing deeply. "You looked like you were about to pass out then. I can understand though. It must be hard to finally realise the truth, that your mother wanted to keep you."

I just sat there, shaking. My mother had wanted to keep me after all. She didn't just drop me like I was nothing. The letter said so...the letter she wrote herself said she wanted to keep me...the letter sai- Hang on!

"How did you know she wanted to keep me? It was first mentioned in the letter." I asked, the hardness of my voice clearly coming through. There was only one way she could have known, and it involved a re-melted wax seal.

"Kanya, you know we have a duty to take care of you-"

"Doesn't explain why you invaded my privacy."


"Oh spare me all that 'own protection' crap. That was my mother's letter to me you broke the seal to and read!" I snapped, feeling myself shaking slightly as I stood up. My thighs ached from being forced to work again, and the cut on my finger throbbed. "You're supposed to stay out of private business." I hissed, feeling my fangs slowly extend. Ma'am's golden wedding ring shone in the candlelight, with its blank signet catching the light. I bet if I lined up the broken seal, it would match the exact imprint of her wedding ring.


"Save it, you've already looked through it. What's done is done, isn't it."

"Kanya, will you sit down and be quiet!"

I sank back down into my chair, feeling my fangs refusing to retract as I glowered at my head of house. She'd lied to me. I bet others had too, and that she wasn't the first to read my mother's letter. The headmaster, no doubt, but maybe also the care workers at Cliffside. I bet my three social workers had a peek in their time watching over me, and no doubt talked about it, resealing it time and time again.

"Thank you. Now then, the attack today cannot go overlooked. The parents of the deceased and transformed are going to have to be contacted, and the drakes of the deceased will have to be reinducted. The vampiric government will have to be contacted, and there will have to be an enquiry on how a purebloodist vampire could have gotten in. This leads me on to my next point. As head of your house, the decision to keep you here resides with me and the headmaster."

I could see where this was going from the start. "You're kicking me out?"

It came out more as a question than a statement, though it was pretty clear the answer was yes. "Kanya, you have to see that our hands are tied here. A purebloodist came looking directly for you, and resulted in the deaths or transformations of an entire floor of students."

"But it wasn't my fault. I didn't do anything to make that vampire attack! I didn't even attack them myself!" I snapped, startling Livjatan and making him hiss at me, hiding behind the bonsai tree in his tank.

"I know that, but I'm afraid others may not see it the same way. This is for your own protection, Kanya, though I wish I could keep you on as a student here at Dra-"

"No you bloody don't!" I snapped, getting up again and crushing part of the smashed cup beneath my foot. "I've been in line to be kicked out since I first started here."

"Kanya, you know that's not tru-"

"Oh spare it!" I yelled, feeling my fangs knocking against my bottom teeth at every word. "Save the bullshit for the next halfbreed unlucky enough to come here!"

That felt good to say, though the little voice telling me I shouldn't say what I'm thinking despite it being true was repeatedly whacking itself in the forehead with the inside of my skull. Still burning inside, I held my mother's letter tight in my hand and stormed out, ignoring everything my head of house was calling out to me as I slammed her office door behind me with a satisfying bang. Every footstep down the stone stairs was nowhere near loud enough as I made my way down to the teacher's corridor, and the loud curse word I yelled out from banging my elbow on the corner didn't seem anywhere near fierce enough for the situation.

I'd been the target of a purebloodist attack, my mother had left a letter for me, and I was being expelled because of the purebloodist attack that was not my fault. I'd be too young to go back to Cliffside in a matter of days, and I had absolutely nowhere else to go.


I must be going mad. There's no way in any of the realms that I could do that. She may not even want me in the end...after all, she never wanted me at birth. Why should sixteen years later make any difference?

I'm screwed either way, so I may as well try to find her. It doesn't matter anymore if it all goes up in flames.

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