Kanya - A name, a mix, an incarnation.

She was raised in a realm of flame and scale, living with the serpentine drakes she rides and controls, taming them to her hand. Yet a few days before her sixteenth equivalency, a visitor appears in her room, lusting for her strange blood. Everything changes for Kanya, in ways she cannot fathom. Who is her real family? Why couldn't they keep her? Why did that vampire try to kill her...and is literally everything she was raised to believe a lie?


4. Chapter Four

Water droplets were clinging to the leather of my boots by the time I'd snuck out to the penning fields, finding my way there with the help of the occasional flame jet or water spout piercing the sky. It was a pretty difficult journey there in the dark, and the bramble scratches were a just reminder of what happened when I strayed off the path.

Yet the dark was my blessing, and my sphere. I'd be harder to detect as I could smell anyone coming and hide first, or just hasten what I'm doing.

That is if I succeed. Nobody's ever stolen their drake before graduation before, let alone a student that's just been expelled. Yet I have to do it...I just can't leave Saphira behind. Her and Toxotes are the only truly stable parts of my life I have left.

The feel of cold ice prickled up my arms, as a curious frost drake tested to see if I was hostile, as I crept into the penning field. I was gonna be taking a very big risk with this, but I had no other option. I'm not leaving without Saphira, and I know I wouldn't be able to get to...wherever I was going without her.

That was a good point, where was I gonna go? My mother could be anywhere in the Under Realms, or the Neutral Realms for that matter. Where the hell was I gonna find her, if I even could find her?

I could figure that out once I'd gotten somewhere safe. That was an issue for later, not for now. Gingerly kneeling down in the wet grass, I wove my hand into the soft fur running down the back of Saphira's neck, and scratched at the soft scales just beneath her bone white horns. That always works at waking her up, and earns me a wet nuzzle into the front of my neck with a backing track of that sleepy half-purring sound that she makes. Honestly, it's like dealing with a scaly cat with wings at times.

"Hey baby, you sleepy still?" I whispered softly to her whilst unclipping her halter from my belt loop; she got up and arched her back, unfurling her wings as she stretched. "I need your help, Saphira, as I'm in trouble again. We gotta get away, baby. Just you and I. Come on now, down baby."

She snorted steam from her nose at my words, but still sank down onto her knees, and let me slip her halter on over her head. Unclipping the chain from her steel collar, I gave her neck a good rub so it wouldn't get sore, and scrabbled my way onto her back. Night rides were always a little disorientating, but I could handle them ok, and it would be easier to get away under the nocturnal cloak. Softly, I clicked my tongue a few times, prompting Saphira to stand up with a reptilian groan, unfurl her wings, and leap into the air, beating her wings and forcing us forward into the starry sky.

The night air was razor blades when I breathed it in, bending low against Saphira's back and clutching her reins tight in my hands. Drakine Academy was still very large beneath us, but already the wind was showing its teeth, and Saphira's soft warmth did very little to make up for it. It was going to be a long, cold flight to somewhere safe.

A sharp jolt suddenly raced through my spine, sending blunt wooden spikes down the full length of my spine. Saphira squawked slightly from the impact, and dug her long, silvery claws into whatever she'd landed upon. Once I was sure I was completely safe, I opened my eyes, and looked past her leathery wings at where I was.

Saphira had landed on one of the towers that made up the academy, and was clinging onto the conical roof; tiles coming loose from her every movement. Judging by the faint glimmer of plum, mustard, wine and navy coloured glass in the windows of the other turret, this was the one for Cordenth house, the house of the brave and selfless. Saphira gave a reptilian squeal as I gingerly dismounted from her and clung tight to the turret roof, edging my way down. Judging by the distant turrets and shadowy trees that were clearly visible from my old dorm room, I was now on the boys dormitory for Cordenth house.

"You sly girl, Saphira. You did this deliberately." I grinned, as I began slinking down the turret, digging my heels into the gutter before leaning down and gripping hold of it. I wasn't afraid of falling, as Saphira would catch me, but I was afraid of getting the wrong dorm. It would be pretty hard to explain myself if I came crashing through the wrong window. Clinging tight to the plastic guttering, I let my feet drop down, and swung myself forward.

It was certainly a painful experience, breaking through the wine coloured glass and landing hard in the central corridor. Glass chips were everywhere from my landing, and I bet I'd woken somebody, but at least I hadn't crashed the wrong dorm. Despite the sandpaper in my thighs and the torn up iron bars making up my back putting up a protest, I forced myself to my feet, and began looking for him. If I am leaving here, I want at least one person to know where I am, and that person is the only one in nearly sixteen years to love me. My boyfriend, with his savoury-smelling type B blood, comforting arms, and unconditionally protective love.

If only one person in the world had to know that I was safe, I wanted it to be him, Toxotes Elzwear.

"What the hell are you doing in here?"

Uh oh. I'd been so busy focussing on finding him, that I hadn't noticed how loud I was being. Turning to see where the voice had come from, I caught a glimpse of a pale boy with light brown hair leaning out of his dorm room, and staring at me like I was some sort of trapped example for Creature Care class. What, has he never seen a half-blood girl before?

"I'm looking for my boyfriend, Toxotes Elzwear. It's really, really important, so where is he?" I replied, making him cower back slightly into his dorm room. Huh, my fangs are at a natural length, so there must be something else about me scaring him.

"His d-dorm's down the corridor, at the end...shouldn't you be in your own dorm b-block though?" He stammered, as I grinned. Perfect! He wasn't too far away, so I could quickly get at him. Even better, news of the purebloodist attack hadn't spread to the testosterone-soaked side of the school, so nobody would have a just reason for accusing me of anything yet.

"It's a long story. It should spread here in a few hours though. Thank you!" I replied heading down the corridor, to the end dorm. I couldn't give a rotting scale what that guy was probably assuming I was here for, as I knew the truth, and wasn't gonna be here to hear any catcalls the next day. All I cared about was finding my boyfriend and letting him know what had happened.

He probably would have jumped a mile when I burst in through his door, if I hadn't suddenly pinned him in a hug and knocked the wind out of him. I may have been a bit too enthusiastic with my greeting, as I accidentally knocked down a few silver and golden medals from their hooks on his wall, and it took him a good while to catch his breath and greet me with "...the hell are you doing in here!"

"Sorry love, but I need your help...it's a bit of a long story." I briefly apologised, yet I still clung on and refused to let go.

It took a while for me to recount the full tale, from the purebloodist in my wardrobe, to my mother's letter, to the disaster of getting expelled for something I didn't do. He was patient with me though, listening intently until the very end, and running his fingers lightly through my tangled hair.

"So you're going to go look for her." He calmly stated, once I'd told him everything.

"What choice do I have? I can't go back to Cliffside as I'm too old. I can't stay here as I've been expelled through no fault of my own. I've got nowhere else to go and you're the only secure figure I have in my life." I replied, running my hand through his soft, flaming red hair, and making him sigh softly in appreciation.

"Kanya...sweetheart, you only have a first name. A pretty common first name at that, especially in the vampire community. It could take years for you to find her."

"I'm willing to take the risk."

He was looking straight at me when I said that, gently cupping my cheek in his hand. "Then let me come with you." He whispered, leaning forward to softly kiss the fringes of my lips.

What? Is he completely bloody insane! "Love...you know I can't let you. You've got your whole life ahead of you."

"And you are a part of my whole life, so I'm not risking you getting hurt. Baby, let me come with you."

"No, Toxotes. I'm not having you throw away all you have. You're better than me at everything here-"

"Except being wonderful. You, and you alone, hold that honour."

He pulled me closer into his side as he said that, briefly kissing the top of my head. Up close, I could smell he must have taken a shower as the electrical outdoors scent around him had been replaced with fresh fruits, and his natural scent was even stronger than before. His blood tantalisingly held the scents of salt and rust, teasing out my fangs as I heard his pulse beating in his neck, steady and strong.

"You can be as romantic as you like. I'm not letting you give up what you've managed to achieve." I replied, making him sigh in defeat. He's like a freaking open book. Chapter One, Watchful Hawk. Chapter Two, Overprotective. Chapter Three, Romantic Ploys. The third chapter is wide open now, and the words shine clear as a full moon in winter.

"You're far more important, darling."

"I don't care. You have a future, I don't. You have a chance at success, I don't. You have security, and I sure don't. You're not throwing it away for a half-blood girlfriend."

He could tell I'd really put my foot down then, as he just sat up with me secure by his side, and silently kissed my forehead. "Your stubborn side is going to get you in serious trouble one of these days. If you're sure I can't come with you-"

"Believe me, I'm very sure."

"-at least let me help you. For one you'll catch your death out there, and you're going to be in deep trouble for this. Here, let me get you something for the cold." He continued, kissing my forehead and getting up from his bed. He dislodged a few blue and red ribbons from their board on his wardrobe as he took out a black sweater. "Hopefully this will fit you. I'm not having my snow girl cold and frostbitten. Here, let me put it on you." He smiled softly, as I put my arms up and let him slip it onto me. It felt a bit chunky over the elbows and forearms, even when I adjusted them through the hug he gave me.

"Don't play with the pads. They're to go under combat armour. I have a feeling you're gonna need it in case you get knocked off Saphira." He explained, letting go of me and taking out the dark brown drakehide shin and forearm guards.

Combat armour? So...he's... "Darling, you won't be allowed to do combat flight without these." I replied as he fastened the right forearm guard onto me.

"I can get new ones. You can't get new bones. You ok to do the rest?" He asked, as I nodded and knelt down to fasten on the shin guards.

"Love...you don't need to do any of this for me, you know. I can handle myself." I softly replied, before standing up and having him pin me to his chest in a warm cuddle. "I'm not a girl anymore."

"I know, but I love you, and I want nothing but the best for you. Promise me you'll let me know as soon as possible if you get in trouble." He purred, nuzzling into and kissing the side of my neck as I finished fastening on the left forearm guard. "I don't care how you have to do it, whether you send Saphira or trap an imp and use it as your own messenger, but please, promise me you'll tell me if you get in trouble."

It seemed a simple request, and I probably wouldn't have to worry about any trouble out there. "I promise." I replied, as he kissed me again. This time though, the kiss was deep and loving, leaving me relying on nothing but touch to know him by. His arms wrapped protectively around me, and his pulse grew quicker, bringing with it more waves of that intoxicating scent of rust and salt. His fingers gently played with the ends of my hair, and his lips pressed lightly and gently against mine, allowing me access if I so desired.

Eventually, I ended the kiss, looking up into his dark eyes. "I have to get going now. Pretty soon news of the purebloodist attack will spread." I whispered, gently nuzzling into the side of his neck.

"Can't you stay a few minutes longer?" He muttered back, squeezing me tight in his embrace.

"Saphira's up on the turret roof. She causes any more damage, we'll both be in it really deep. I have to go, love." I replied, slipping free of his embrace and opening the window. The spade-shaped endpiece of Saphira's tail dangled down just in reach, and she softly purred as I reached out and stroked it.

"You promise we'll keep in contact, babe?" He asked, taking hold of my hand as I hitched myself up onto the window ledge, reaching out to Saphira as she glided down to my level.

"I promise. I love you." I replied, as I landed roughly on Saphira's back, making her screech and flap in shock to keep herself in the air.

"I love you too. There's a portal just outside Flamepen that opens occasionally. No idea where it leads, but perhaps you could go through it to find your mother."

That was a pretty good idea actually. "It's worth a shot I guess." I smiled softly across at my boyfriend, Saphira's wings beating impatiently at my side. "Goodbye darling. I love you."

He smiled softly back at me, reaching up to touch my fingertips. "Goodbye blue eyes. I love you more." He whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear, before he kissed his fingertips and reached them out to me.

I would have done the same back, had Saphira not given an impatient lurch upwards; her wings slicing through the night air that threatened to chill me to the bone. The only reason I hadn't been thrown off was from gripping the reins and squeezing my thighs tight over her scaled back; allowing the wind's glassy teeth to chew on my hair.

Clinging on tighter to Saphira, I noticed Drakine Academy was far below us by now, and the wine-toned window of my boyfriend's dorm was nothing but a speck. In the distance, the lights of Flamepen glowed, and further beyond that lay the capital city of Ashoria. The portal had to be somewhere between the two, and I had to find it, hopefully before I got in it really deep. Tightening my grip on the reins, I guided my water drake down and forwards, cutting through the air in a circle before swooping down just over the treetops between Drakine and Flamepen.

It was going to be a hard task, finding my mother. She could be anywhere...and what if she didn't want me back?

No, I was being ridiculous. She said in the letter that she wishes she could have kept me, so...wouldn't she welcome me back had she the chance? Wouldn't she be glad to have me back?

Unless that letter was all bullshit made to make me feel better. Maybe that's more likely. She never wanted me and I was the result of an affair, that she had to get rid of as she'd fallen out of love with my biological father. Maybe that was more likely...and if I found her I was only going to be hastily turned away before my apparent stepfather worked it out, or even met me.

Perhaps I should turn back. I should turn Saphira back and...I don't know, go into the mountains of the Drake Realm, that border the Magi Realm. I could live off the blood of Magi spies, and there are plenty of trees up there with needles or leaves that Saphira could enjoy, not to mention several natural streams. I'd be fine up there, away from it all.

I was about to guide Saphira to the right, making her fly across to the mountain borders, when a pulse of brightest light shot past us, missing her wing tips by inches and threatening to knock us out of the air. I must have crossed over into Flamepen's airspace by accident...and forgot about the curfew for overhead flying on weekends. Though preoccupied with clinging on to Saphira and attempting to stabilise her, I bet if I got a look at the Flamepen town clock, it would show it was long past ten, and I was due to be shot down.


I thought stabbing a purebloodist in the eye with a lit candle was a reckless move, but if I could cling tight enough to Saphira and guide her through that portal, we'd be in another realm, and out of trouble with the Flamepen town guards.

Oh what the heck, damned if I do and damned if I don't. Clinging tight to Saphira's reins, I rammed my heels hard into the soft scales in front of her wing joints, and clung on tight as she lurched forward with a reptilian screech. If we could get through the portal in time, we'd be in another realm, and out of the trouble we accidentally got into.

It was lucky I spurred her on when I did, as a jet of flame blazed past my left elbow, threatening to singe the ends of my hair and teasing out beads of sweat in the process. Fire drakes were never a good sign around Saphira, and she knew it by how she roared and frantically flapped her wings, pounding the air as she turned and let loose a jet of pure water past my shoulder.

Oh shit.

She really should not have done that. Now that we've resisted, the town guards have reason to come after us now, and they are flipping quick. I can't chastise Saphira for firing back with her water though, as she couldn't help it, and right now I have to keep spurring her on. Both fire and light are not good - well, to be honest none of the breeds are good for us right now - and we have both on us. Forcing my heel harder into Saphira's right side, I pulled at the reins to guide her upwards to the left, in the aim of losing them in a quick half-turn move that would allow me to get a good look at the guards pursuing us.

It was a bit of a risky move, as I had to cling on and wrap my arms tight around her neck as I looked over, but I was glad I did, and not for the scout-out. Just from the corner of my eye, between two trees, the familiar flash of white light pierced through and beckoned me forwards, offering a hideaway. Looks like my boyfriend wasn't kidding about the portal. Halfway through the turn, I suddenly jerked Saphira's reins in the other direction, accidentally exposing her pale turquoise underbelly.

It was a fatal error. The next thing I knew, I was clinging onto the reins for dear life, Saphira's muscular bulk absent from beneath me as I clung tight. As I hadn't seen a flash of light, or jet of liquid, I'm guessing it was an air drake that had almost forced us out of the sky, leaving me hanging on by nothing but a black length of braided leather, and accidentally pulling Saphira downwards.

Ah crap, I'd hoped I would never have to do this. Clutching the reins harder, I forced myself to swing forward a bit, reaching out with one arm and both legs to grab hold of one of Saphira's muscular legs, and digging my nails in to help me cling. Letting go of the reins, I held on tight despite her silvery claws digging into my stomach. Toxotes' shirt had ridden up to under my arms, and the white blouse underneath had been ripped, but at least we were still airborne as Saphira stabilised herself. She was in control now...and I hope her instinct to get out of danger was coming through loud and clear.

It seemed to be, as with a startled roar, she soared up higher above Flamepen, with me still clinging to her scaly legs. Clinging on tighter, she lowered herself over the town, almost touching the rooftops and giving me healthy blast of hot soot from a chimney fire, before clearing the city into the trees.

It was out of the fire into the frostbite though, as away from the town, the icy needles in the air directed themselves towards my bare skin, biting in hard with their frozen teeth. Breathing in was inhaling razor blades, and the blast of air directed at Saphira's wings only added to the chilled embrace of night air, and the frozen slaps from extended branches trying to pull me off.

They were still after us though, so I had to put up with the uncomfortable positioning for a bit longer. Digging my nails in further, I prompted a screech from my water drake, and caused her to lurch forwards even further, blasting me with the cold draughts from her wings. The claw stuck in my blouse tore even more of a hole in it, scratching at my stomach as she glided down lower, threatening to brush the burned grass of the fields beyond the trees. It still smelled strongly of burning, and the air was still razor blades, but it was a lot better, and we were still far enough away to only get a slight brush of heat from the fire jet aimed at us as we entered the portal.

It was a lot better for us in the portal, as the air wasn't as icy in the brief few seconds I had to breathe it in, before we were thrown out into the pitch blackness of whatever realm it lead out to. The air here was even colder, smelling of ice, pine, and something that burned with a harsh, rubbery-plastic clagginess. God, where in the Realms was this? It felt disgusting to be in, and chilled me to the bo- What the crap!

I didn't have time to finish my thought, as I was suddenly trapped with Saphira in a blinding white light, and a hard weight smacked hard into her underbelly, dragging me with her and forcing me hard into the rough ground. I barely had the time to get a look at what had hit us, before something dark and metallic swung around to hit me in the side, and the world slowly faded out into blackness.

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