Kanya - A name, a mix, an incarnation.

She was raised in a realm of flame and scale, living with the serpentine drakes she rides and controls, taming them to her hand. Yet a few days before her sixteenth equivalency, a visitor appears in her room, lusting for her strange blood. Everything changes for Kanya, in ways she cannot fathom. Who is her real family? Why couldn't they keep her? Why did that vampire try to kill her...and is literally everything she was raised to believe a lie?


5. Chapter Five

My head was throbbing by the time I eventually came to, slowly opening my eyes though they felt lined with lead. Sleep crystals had somehow gotten stuck to my eyelashes as I gingerly peered through the blurred haze, only getting snatches of colours and hazy shapes. It wasn't much to go on, but by the smell of dust and wood in the air, I was somewhere indoors, and the faint smears of orangey pinks meant it was either sunrise or sunset. Weakly moving my fingers revealed I was on something fabric and soft...a bed perhaps?

This was very different to where I'd emerged from with Saphira, and been hit by...whatever that was. The aches of the impact still sat perched on my side, and my back felt like it was made of torn up chunks of iron when I tried stretching it out. A groan of pain slipped out from between my half-extended fangs as I tried moving, disturbing a soreness deep in my body that didn't want to be disturbed. What in the realms was that...and where in the realms was Saphira?

The comforting earthy-electrical smell of giant water-spouting lizard wasn't there, prompting me to try sitting up. I only got another internal bite from that soreness and a hard scratch at my wrists and knees for that, though the blurry haze was gone. Now I could see clearer, I could tell I was in some sort of cabin room, with the sun either rising or setting outside the window. I was laying on a single bed on top of the bare mattress, and when I tried moving my wrists, nothing but a sore scratchiness came to greet me.

My heart was pounding at several miles a minute by now, as I glanced over at what I'd guess was the door to the main room. It smelled of humans in here, when I breathed in deeply and focussed on the scents in the air. True humans, not the ones born and accustomed to the Drake Realm. Though underneath that scent of at least one type O human, the red smell of chillies and herbs came drifting over to me, combined with petrol, strong alcohol, outside air, and...what the?

I must have been hit pretty hard with whatever that was, as I swear I could have picked up the faintest ghost of Light, purity, and the touch of the divine. Though...what in all the Realms would a Light creature be doing with true humans? I thought there were laws against that sort of thing.

The smell of Light only got stronger, as I heard two sets of footsteps approaching. One was undoubtedly that Light creature, but judging by the other...yes, that rust, salt, and almost sweet freshness of type A blood could only belong to a human. As the lock clicked and the handle turned, I forced my fangs to retract, and attempted to sit up to get a good look at whoever thought it would be a good idea to hold me here.

"Easy now," A breathy male voice said, as a hand on my chest pushed me back down. "you were hit pretty bad earlier. Just try to relax, as it'll hurt less."

That was the human, no doubt. His touch didn't burn like a creature of light's would, and he didn't seem to be hostile to me. "Wh-Who are...Wh-Where am...Why a-am I...W-What am I d-doing here?" I stammered, trying not to breathe in the scent of Light, as it suddenly came right up close.

"Why did you kill all those people!" A gravelly voice yelled right up in my face, bathing me in the scent of Light and disgusting purity. I'd half-closed my eyes as it got close to me, but I could still see the glimpse of pale blue eyes and dark, unkempt hair. What the...a human-form creature of Light? With no distinct differences? No pointy ears like an elf, no silvery aura...nothing but that pure scent, and that burning touch...

I was an idiot, I shouldn't have let my fangs extend, and hissing at him probably wasn't the best move. At least it worked at getting rid of him, though I think the human pulling him off was the main reason. "What have I told you about there's no psychotic cop. Though...at least we revealed a little secret." He snapped.

The human got closer to me, as I could smell that sweet type A blood getting stronger, right under my nose as he pinched my jaw. "So many deaths...know anything about them? My my...you really have been busy, whatever you are."

What in the Realms? Deaths...what is he on about? "I don't know what you're talking about. Where the hell am I, and where's Saphira?" I stammered, as he pinched my jaw even harder.

"Does it matter? You're warm, dry, and alive. More than can be said for all those innocent drivers, huh." The creature of Light replied, reaching forward and gently tapping one of my fangs, sending a searing pain through me. "Whatever you are, I'm gonna enjoy sending you back to wherever you came from."

Ok, he crossed the line, and I had a reason to snarl at him then. "I don't know what the hell you two are talking about, and I don't have anywhere specific I came from! I'm a cacaphonic half-blood mix with the worst headache I've had in years, tied to a bed somewhere I don't know with my drake missing, and a Light being threatening me!" I spat, baring my fangs at full extension and hissing at them both.

Now that felt good. I probably shouldn't have hissed, but I couldn't care less. They were holding me hostage and I had right to be mad.

"Half-blood...can half-bloods even exist?" The human asked, as I jerked my chin away.

"It depends on the cross...I've heard of demon-human crosses, demon-vampire, and human-werewolf, but none others. I've no idea what cross she is either."

"What are you talking abou- Get away from me, Light being! Don't you dare come any closer!" I snarled, as he put a finger on my eyelid to hold my eye open.

"Not a demon cross, that's for sure. There are no blue-eyed demons. She doesn't have red blood though, so she can't have any human in h- Agh!"

That made him stop, though the Light blood burned my mouth from when I bit his wrist. "I told you to get away from me." I spat, trying to fight the ropes tying me to the bed.

"Look, hold it a second! What the hell are you and why are you here!" The human snapped back. "Right now, you are so close to being classed as a demon it's not even funny. All we need are crazy heatwaves, electrical storms and mass cattle mutilations."

"For the sake of flame, I am not a demon!" I snapped, sitting up as best I could and getting a good, hard look at this human with sweet blood. He was definitely tall, well over my height and I'm about five eleven, with deep brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Were I in a hunting mood, I would definitely give it a go to steal a nip. "I am a cross between a human and a Biteling vampire, ok. I've never been in the Human Realm before now, and I never planned to come here. All I wanted to do was find someone...close...well close-ish to me."

I shouldn't have said all that. I really regret saying it, but I guess I had no choice. "Where the hell is Saphira? I know she's a water drake, but we're bonded." I weakly added, lifting my lip as the Light being got closer.

"First, what's a Biteling vampire, and who are you looking for?" The Light being asked, despite how I hissed a low, long hiss at him. "You do realise we can end you so quick it isn't funny. I'm tempted to end you right now for the bite!" He snapped, inhaling deeply and sending a blast of purity my way that burned. "At least you're not lying, I can't smell sulfur."

"Dude, stop smelling the dead girl." The human replied, guiding him away from me. "You did hear him, answer them first. What's a Biteling, and who are you looking for?"

I think it's pretty clear who's the good cop in this situation. "A transformed vampire is a Biteling. It's a common term for one. I-I'm looking for...someone close. Her name's Holly. It's...nothing to be concerned about. Look I've told you what you wanted to know, now where's Saphira." I replied, my fangs out.

"If you mean the overgrown lizard with wings and an attitude problem, it's outside, saturating anyone who comes too close. Ah ah, not yet, half-blood. You got a name? We said we'd say where it was. Never said we'd let you go. What's your name?" The human asked, as I hissed at him.

"Does it matter?"

"Unless you want to be set free, yes. What's your name, half-blood?" The Light creature added, earning himself a snarl.

I stayed silent, fangs exposed still, refusing to say a word. Why in the freaking realms would I tell the human and Light creature who tied me to a bed and freaking interrogated me what the hell my name is?

They got the hint eventually, judging by the looks I was getting. "To make it fair, I'm Cael. This is Asriel. My brother's in the kitchen keeping an eye on that reptilian monstrosity-"

"She's not a monstrosity."

"The fact he needs a safe distance to avoid being savaged by it says different. We've told you our names, so what's yours, half-blood?" The human, Cael, carried on, avoiding my comment.

He's better than the Light creature, I'll give him that. I suppose..."Kanya," I mumbled, looking away.

"What was that?" Asriel the Light being asked, as I flashed my fangs again.

"Kanya. My name is Kanya. I've had the last name Bloodpulse for sixteen years, but as I recently found out it's not actually mine, for now I'm just Kanya." I replied, directing a hiss at Asriel as he came closer. "Get the hell away from me!" I spat.

"I'm gonna cut you free, ok. Hold still." He replied, before undoing the knots around my wrists.

Now free, I jumped up and backed up, pinning myself against the far wall. "Stay away!" I hissed, baring my fangs at them as I practically pasted myself to the wall, picking my way carefully around the edge.

"Kanya, we don't want to hurt yo-"

"Back off!" I growled, cutting off Cael mid-word. Why should I trust a single word either of them say? They tied me to the bed and freaking interrogated me, so why in the Realms should I trust them? My fangs sharply bared, I kept inching around them, though the smell of Light burned my nose. I swear, had I the chance, I'd have bitten and drained them both by now, but I can't. Though I hadn't fed since about one on Friday, and Cael's sweet type A would surely silence the burn in my throat, I had to get to Saphira before I fed. Saphira was more important, and I had to make sure she was ok.

Quickly, I took off through the open door, aiming for a quick exit out to her. If I could even get a faint hint of her scent, I would be able to find her, and get out of here with her. The Human Realm is ridiculously dangerous, and I had to get out of here with her, before anything happened. I was going to find her, get away from here with her, and find a way of getting to another realm...

Until I smacked into someone with strong-smelling type O blood. Type O blood, very strong arms, and a tight grip that I couldn't struggle out of no matter how hard I tried. One of their hands was right under my chin, tilting it upwards and stopping me from biting them, whilst the other held my wrists together and pushed hard into the bottom of my ribs.

"Going somewhere?" My captor asked, jerking my chin up further as I attempted to bite him. He had a thick, husky voice, far deeper than the Light creature's. "Asriel, why did you untie her?"

"Why do you always assume it's me?" He replied back from the other room. "You're gonna choke her at this rate."

"Vampiric types don't need oxygen. When has it not been you? Without the angel power, what exactly are you?"

"Drydon, shut up. And let the poor girl go before she passes out." Cael replied, taking hold of my captor's arm and forcing him to drop me. I hadn't been aware I was losing oxygen until I hit the pine-scented wooden floor and gasped for breath, tasting all the little dust motes and catching the mixed scents of type A, O, and Light creature blood.

Yet I didn't have the time to get up and pierce a vein before someone pressed their foot hard onto my chest, pinning me there on my back. Looking up, I got the faint aroma of type O right to the face, as the blonde-haired, green-eyed human, Drydon, leaned over me. Oh, so he was the one who put me in a chokehold, was he? Furious, I let my fangs extend and snarled at him, earning myself even more pressure on my ribs.

He forgot a little something though. Quickly, my hands shot up the leg of his jeans and I dug my nails in hard, scraping them down his calf until I could smell fresh blood and he got off my chest, giving me the chance to scramble to my feet and make a blind dash for the back door. Though it was probably locked, the upper window pane gave way easily when I rammed my shoulder into it, leaving me with nothing but superficial scratches as I vaulted through the open space, out into the wild, field-like space at the back of the cabin. Out here, the air smelled of pale blue; frosty and chilling, bringing with it the caress of razor blades in your lungs with every breath, and raising goosebumps on every exposed part of your skin. The sky had now turned that very same colour as it smelled, and the electrical tang of fresh water came from somewhere just past a row of trees in front, complete with the earthy, wild smell of a giant, flying lizard.

I couldn't give two rotting scales that my scratching-post technique hadn't done much to stall those hunters - judging by the footsteps behind me as I leapt up and pulled myself up onto a tree branch - as that scent meant I'd found Saphira, and she was ok. Better than ok, perhaps, as she sounded like she was by water. Water was good, water was fresh and cleansing for her breed, and water was where she felt safe. If I could get to her real quick, I might be able to fly off with her in time to avoid these hunters.

My treetop pathway worked, leaping from branch to branch out of range before scaling down and beginning a flat-out sprint to the river bank. Judging by the quiet happy-noises Saphira was making, she was ok. Even if I did get an ice-cold jet of water straight to the chest when she looked up from the water and saw me.

"Saphira, come on!" I yelled, leaping off into the knee-high water, grateful my boots were waterproof leather as I waded out to her. Her scaly body was peppered with cuts, ranging from superficial to long and deep across her turquoise underbelly, which she seemed to be healing with the water. One of the claws on her front feet had been knocked off, and she screeched a reptilian screech of pain as she stretched out and pressed her nose playfully into my soaking wet chest. "We gotta get going, baby. Come on, down girl."

"She won't fly, Kanya."

I ignored Asriel's words as I waded in further to my waist, trying to pull myself up onto Saphira's slippery back without hurting her. Hunters and a Light creature were always bad news, no matter what. Even if one knowing the prey's name did spark an interesting conversation.

"You know her name?" The type O human, Drydon, asked.

"Yeah, she told us it in exchange for being set free." Asriel replied.

"She's a half-blood vampire, and not the thing that's been doing all the killings." Cael added.

"Huh, I thought that was a title, judging by that letter we recovered from her back pocket." Drydon replied.

What! Giving up my attempted clambering session, I reached down to feel in my back pocket, only to discover that my mother's letter was gone. My fangs bared, I looked up to see Drydon on the bank, holding up the familiar manila envelope.

"Oh, so you can hear us." He added, smirking as he slipped the letter back in his pocket. "If you weren't so panicked, you'd have noticed your lizard monstrosity can't fly. Its wing's been torn. Had we not have said so, you'd have hurt her and gone without...hmm, mum's letter to her sixteen year old illegitimate daughter, it seems."

"Drydon, don't be a jerk." Asriel replied, attempting to get the letter back as I began wading my way back. That was the only connection I had to my mother, and I wasn't letting it get away hours after first getting it.

"Don't worry about it, Asriel. After all, if she wants it back, and wants to know the location her mother's in, then she'll come back." Drydon added, grinning at me as I got back to the knee-deep waters by the bank. "Told you. So, half-blood, want this back?" He added, as I got onto dry land and attempted to lunge at him, to get it back. I was too weighed down by my sodden clothes to have a decent shot, but it was worth a try.

"That's the only thing I have to do with my mother. Give it back!" I snapped, baring my fangs in a snarl.

"Ah ah, not yet. Don't you want to know what realm she was last seen in. I met a Holly that was a vampire before, and she reminds me a lot of you. You help us out, I give you back the letter and tell you where I last saw her."

"Son of a bitch, give that back!" I snarled, aiming to leap at him again, but he forced me down and kneeled hard on my chest, holding my wrists either side of my head.

"Then help us out. Do you know a thing about the driver killings that have been happening recently? They started on October twenty-third...ring any bells?"

I was stuck, trapped beneath a hunter who had the only connections to my mother, being blackmailed through all the Realms and back. "No it bloody doesn't. Now get off me!" I snarled, as he pressed harder on my chest.

"Come now, there's gotta be something. Dark creatures stick together, and all that."

"For the Realms' sake, I've just entered this place! All I can tell you is that the twenty-third of October is the start of the Bitter Month, and that's all." I snapped back, as he slowly got off my chest. Thank flame for that, as clearly I must have said something right.

"What's the Bitter Month supposed to be?" He asked, as I managed to pull my wrists free and get up from under him. Bloody hell, has he never heard of the Bitter Month? I might as well be dealing with hatchlings.

"The Bitter Month is Cheshvan. Have you never heard of it? It's the one month of the Jewish calendar where certain demons and fallen angels can be active." I replied, my fangs still extended. "Maybe something only active during Cheshvan is what's causing all the deaths. Now can I get my letter back?"

"Not so fast now, half-blood,"

"My name is Kanya."

"If it is something active during Cheshvan, then you may be our way of finding out what it is. That overgrown lizard can't fly until her wing's healed, so you won't be going anywhere. Help us out, we'll help you."

It didn't seem like I had any other option. By how Saphira had waded out and nearly submerged herself in the water, she needed a lot of healing that only pure water could provide. With her out, I couldn't get anywhere, and I wasn't leaving without my mother's letter. "One condition." I spat, my fangs still out. "I want confirmation that Saphira and I are not going to be harmed in any way."

"Then it's settled. You're going to be helping us out."

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