Saved My Life.

Diana was bullied all her life. For her weight, personality, interests and that made her insecure. She was a very pretty girl, and she didn't see it, and people bullied her for the way she chose to look. She couldn't handle it, and she started self harming, and missing her meals. Then one day, while scrolling on twitter, she noticed a band called 'One Direction' she had never heard of them before. She started listening to their songs, and things started changing, for the better. One member in particular, changes a lot!


3. Not the mum i thought you were!

Diana's POV 

i painted loads of pictures! mostly depressing ones like; girls with mascara running down their cheeks, or a background, that when you look at it, you can tell it's sad, and depressing quotes to go along with it! 

Paint was all over me, and on my bedroom floor! i needed a cloth, so i went downstairs, and into the kitchen to get one. 

"what the hell have you been doing DIana?" my mum said when she saw the state of me

"painting why?" i said making it a bit obvious

"since when did you paint? where did you get all the equipment from?" my mum started blurting out questions!

"uhh with my money that i was saving! i have been painting for a while!" i said trying to lighten up the conversation.

"oh right, can i see some of the paintings then?" my mum asked

"oh yeah, right, up here! i said gesturing for my mum to follow me.  When she walked into the room, her eyes widened. Now i am not sure if that was for good reasons or bad, but i hope it was good.

"why the hell are you painting things like this?" she said. 

"because it helps me become less stressful!" i said to my mum really annoyed

"well the look fucking shit! why the hell has she got black down her cheeks? Is it Halloween or something? Your pictures are all so dark! i thought they would be better than this!" i was shocked at what she said. My own mum, she could say something nice, couldn't she? 

"why are you so horrible? no wonder dad left! you acting like a bitch, your supposed to say nice things to your children! and you wouldn't understand these paintings because you don't understand anything about me! or care how i feel" i blurted out. At first i wanted to take it back, but i guess i didn't because it''s true!

"how dare you speak to me like that!" she said fiercly, and slapped me across the face! i held my cheek, and winced. What a bitch.

"get out of my room now! What kind of mum would do this to there child?" she just stormed out the room and went out of the house. 

What kind of mum would do that to there child? she doesn't even deserve to be called mum! she's a monster. I hate the way she acts towards me, the way she hits me, and commented horribly on what i created. I thought she cared about me! i thought she loved me! i thought she was the best mum, I thought she was my mum, but you know what, i guess she isn't what i thought! 

Well she's definitely not what i thought she was, She's not the mum i thought she was!

I started packing my bags! all my belongings, i packed into bags. I threw my mattress off my bed, and picked up my 4 pillow cases full of cash that i have saved up since i was young. I opened up my jewellery box, and picked up a key my nan gave me before she died. She always had wanted me to have the house, she never sold. She said i deserved it! she was the only one who loved me. 

I got my car keys that belonged to my black range rover sport! never thought i would have that car did you? well if you want something, you have to save up and that's what i did! and i still got money left. 

I put everything in the boot, and back seats, and stepped on the pedal. I knew where to go, off by heart, even though i have to go all the way to London!

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