A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


4. Who Made You King

At first none of the boys recognized us. I thought from chasing us down and one of us being their sister, you would think they would know. They sang one song, I think it was Live While We're Young. I wasn't getting any younger waiting for them to notice us. I wanted to start running again but I kept reminding myself of how tired I was and how tired Lydia must be!

"Lydia! Why don't we just jump on the stage? The worst they could do is yell at you.

"Well what about you? They won't yell at you because you'll be dragged out by some bobbies, I mean, cops! They all think you kidnapped me. Oh, I knew this was a bad idea!"

"That's why you're here! If I need a witness, I'll call on you. Just in case, do you have any money left over from Milan for bail money?"

I tried lightening the mood but I think I made things worse. Lydia looked at me with fearful eyes that were panicing. I felt terrible for putting her in this position with her brother and her friends. It was my fault that I brought her downtown. I know she had fun but it got us in trouble and I had to be responsible. The only thing I wanted at the moment was to restart the day and I would just hang up when Lydia asked me to pick her up. As these thoughts swirled in my head I felt a surge of hate and anger toward One Direction.

"Lydia, I'm done! This running around is killing me. We're gonna settle this but outside with them."

"But Linda, that make you more vulnerable to the security guards! They'll arest you so fast I won't be able to do anything about it!"

I had to chuckle a little to prevent myself from screaming from my certain doom. Although doom is a harsh word, that's how I felt. I stared right into her eyes and told her again, "That is why you are my best friend and no one will ever try to deny us."

She cried a little so we went back to the restroom to fix her's and my makeup. We put on a little blush and eyeshawdow. I thought to pass thet time that we should have a makeup contest like when we were little. I put on the whole shabam with eye, lip, and blush everything. This went on for about twenty minutes but stopped short when one of my friends walked in.

"Sarah, what are you doing here? This is the middle school restroom!"

She just ignored me and went right over to Lydia and started screaming.

"You're Lydia Malik! You know your brother is out there performing?"

She didn't know what to do or say since she wasn't that good with people she never knew. God have Mercy on our souls!

I stuck my head in, "Yes she is and you're going to keep it a secret, right?"

She kept staring at Lydia while walking out, "Yea, sure. Whatever."

I soon learned that she ran all the way back to the high school on the other side of the building and screamed that we were here. Thankfully I followed her far enough to hear what went down. I heard one loud gasp from the crowd and then Zayn screaming at Sarah asking where we were hiding.

"Oh, there in the middle school in one of the girl's bathroom."

I made a self-note, kill Sarah Monday!

 I got so scared so I too ran the fastest I ever could to the middle school. Screeching to a stop I warned Lydia. When she started to cry again and I was holding her, I came up with a plan to make me less 'vulnerable' when we confront One Direction. I whispered her the plan when we heard footsteps down the hall yelling, "Lydia!"

"I know you're brave and smart Lydia, you can do this. I'll be fine. We'll be fine."

That is when I activated the plan. She yelled at her brother to chase her down the hall. She ran her butt off. That is when the plan went perfectly. I figured that Zayn would take Liam and Niall to chase after her leaving Harry and Louis to me. Now I know what you're thinking, what is the plan?

I know the school grounds like the back of my hand and I knew how to use them to our advantage. There is a giant field behind the school that only acessed through either the school or through a series of gates which require identification. Lydia and I would take the boys through the school and the guards would think they would find us around the back but they don't work for the school That means that they would have to go through the school which is like an unsolvable maze unless you go there and that would buy us more time.

Now I'm stuck in the bathroom waiting for Harry and Louis to walk in to see if I was there. To there surprise I had some string in my old locker [it was stuck in there from when the school was built]. We pulled it tight across the bathroom floor so it couldn't be seen.

"Oh boys! Come in and get me!"

They ran in and fell flat on their faces. I ran out faster than a cheetah. Running faster and faster I heard the boys yelling behind me but I won't repeat it. You had no idea how big I was smiling. You are probably wondering why I was smiling. One, I was so much faster than Harry and Louis and almost completely lost them. I had to wait a minute for them to catch up. Two, I had no idea I could figure out something without help. I felt amazing.

Eventually Lydia found each other in the field and the boys running up to us.

Zayn choked out, "Lydia, get over, here!"

We both said in unison, "Who made you king?"

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