A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


5. The Confrontation

Lydia and I both stood tall and stared down the suddenly weak One Direction. We looked more mature and more fit than they were. I always thought superstars were always told to eat right and stay fit but if you are teenage superstar you must be excluded. Anyways Lydia and I both stood tall with our arms linked together showing we weren't going to be seperated that easily.

"Linda and I have always been best friends and I know you don't like me having contact with the outside world but I have been texting and Skyping her ever since we left Pittsburgh for Brittian."

At first Zayn was silent and so were the rest of them but it might be because they were still trying catch their breath. I couldn't help but laugh a little. I smiled and got a dirty look from Niall. I looked over to Lydia who also smiled a bit. We can't stay serious! Just when Zayn was about to say something I felt an urge to say something.

"Lydia is right! We have always been best friends and no one can stop us from being best friends. Not even a million dollar asshole teenager like youself!" Everyone was shocked I said that, including me! Lydia looked at me and said I did a really good job! In school I was the goody goody, teacher's pet and I never raised my voice! This whole night was a surprise to me.

"Excuse but you are a no good bitch who doesn't know when to keep her mouth! And get away from my sister!"

I wanted to run away and cry but I stood my ground. It might have been the pirate costume, "No! Don't you have ears?! She is my best friend and she wants to stay with me!"

At that moment I started to actually feel kind of bad. I was yelling at my best friend's brother. I know she was still angry with him but she still loved him. You see I never understood sibiling love since I was an only child. Looking around I suddenly felt that force that prevented me from helping Lydia at the bar. This time it went through me and made me feel so scared and upset about what I did. For some reason I broke into tears and ran to the one spot I knew I could be alone and be safe. My tree. I bolted to my house which wasn't that far away. I heard a scream from Lydia and Zayn.

"Linda! Please come back! We can talk about it.

"No! Lydia come back here! We are leaving this instant!"

When I heard they were going to leave I stopped and turned around to run back but I couldn't but at the same time I didn't want to either. I didn't want to face them this way. I waved goodbye thinking this was officially the last time I would ever see Lydia.

My tree is a 150 year old oak tree in my back yard that divides my parent's property and our neighbor's. I always climbd to the top whenever I felt sad or just wanted to disappear for an hour. There is one branch that I call my tattoe branch because I carved so much funny stuff on it like my favorite singer, my crush, and other silly girl stuff.

I climbed to the very top of the tree and started crying my eyes out. I was sad, scared, and angry that I lost my best friend in the greatest day in my life [and the money I spent]! I hated the world and all of its monsters! Thankfully, my crying attracted my mother outside. My mother is only helpful in some situations but I knew she didn't know what to do with a pop star situation.

"Linda are you okay?"

I didn't want to answer her at all because I knew she would with a stupid answer. No matter how many times she called up I stayed quiet. Eventually she tried to climb up.

"Linda I heard everything from Lydia's mother. Lydia and Zayn kept texting her what was happening and she text it to me. I am angry and proud of you. Angry because you eluded your best friend's brother when he was just trying to protect her. Then again you stood up for what you believed in. I'll be bitter/sweet toward your punishment."

I had to laugh a little. Although she was clueless sometimes, my mother always had a way to make me laugh even when I was in trouble. When she was telling me all what Lydia and Zayn had said back and forth to each other made me feel even worse, again. Zayn was saying how horrified he was when he didn't know where I took Lydia. Lydia would keep telling him off with some choice words, which made me regret the whole night for getting her, me, and One Direction in trouble. I wanted to die!

"Mom, you and I know that I made horrible choices tonight but I want to make it better!

"Sunshine, you know what you have to do. You learned a lot, now use it."

I took that into consideration. It hit me! I kissed my mom and ran back to the tour bus.

They probably didn't expect it.

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