A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


11. Stage Fun

10 billion eyes on me.

How did they do it? And to do it every week is amazing! To be loved all around the world must feel incredible. Words probably couldn't describe it. They couldn't even come close to what I was feeling.

Lydia went over and stood next to her brother. Zayn wrapped her in his arms. She kept motioning me to come over but I couldn't make my legs move for anything. Even if someone had a gun to my head, I wouldn't be able to move. I am normally brave but this was too much for even me.

Harry walked over to me and held out his hand, "Come on. Take my hand. You'll get use to all the people looking at you."

I looked at his hand and back up into his blue-green eyes, "Fine just don't let me embarrass myself in front of a million people!"

I grabbed his hand. He smiled, "Don't worry I won't. I would never do that to such a pretty gal."

Harry held my hand and gently pulled me towards the middle of the stage. My legs were like jelly but I still managed to make it. Harry let go of my hand and I was snapped back into reality.

All you could hear were the high pitched screams of the girls who waited hours for tickets and days for this moment to come. Just by listening to them you could tell One Direction was their entire lives.

Then, all you could see were the flashes of cameras, phones, and whatever else those girls brought in. Who knows?

I stood there frozen. My legs wouldn't work for anything, so if I had to run I would be in trouble. I could feel my palms getting sweaty. My underarms felt soaked. If you haven't already figured it out, I sweat when I'm nervous.

Niall started the show off, "Ello Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! How are you doin' tonight? I wanna hear you scream!"

The crowd responded with a deafening roar of high pitched screams. Not even a train blaring it's whistle could overpower the sound these little girls were making. It was horrible yet cool at the same time.

Then each of the boys went down the line introducing their selves. And in return, they got one million screaming girls begging for them to notice them. And in their heads, One Direction will marry them someday.

Then Lydia took the microphone out of her brother's hand, "Hello and I'm Lydia Malek. No, not his husband but I'm Zayn's little sister. And the girl over there about to piss herself is my best  friend Linda. Harry give Linda your mic."

Harry walked over to me and handed the microphone to me. As he handed it over he said, "Don't be nervous. You live with these people. You control these people now."

I turned to the crowd, "Hello everyone." And to my surprise, the crowd started screaming as if I were one of the boys. It made me feel better. The anxiety was leaving my body and in it's place was confidence.

Liam spoke up, "Wow Linda, you have a pretty big fan base!"

I smiled and started to walk around the stage, "Well that might be because I grew up in Pittsburgh! Yinz are my family!"

Their screams made me beyond happy! It was like a dream. I was a superstar performing at my own concert. Now if I only knew how to sing!

Suddenly Harry came up behind me and tapped my shoulder which startled me, "Didn't mean to scare you, love, but I need my mic back. This is a concert."

I felt my cheeks turn hot as I handed the microphone over. Their first song they played was Kiss You. The boys sang and messed around with each other. While Lydia and I stood in the back round dancing. Might I add dancing like idiots. The boys kept cracking up and occasionally missing their cues.

It was like this the rest of the night. One song after another, we danced the night away.One song after another we made the entire crowd and One Direction laugh their butts off. We even got to stand on their flying platform during Little Things.

By the last song, the boys were sitting down while singing. And Lydia and I were pretty tired from dancing like idiots for the past three hours. I sat down next to Harry as Lydia sat in between her brother and Liam.

Louis ended the night that all those little girls would remember for a lifetime by just saying, "Goodnight Pittsburgh."

The lights went dark and all you could see were the flashing lights. And the little girls continued to scream for minutes afterwards. Harry helped me through the dark underneath the stage. Before I knew it, we were back in the dressing room.

Harry led me to the couch and sat down with me, "So what did ya think about your first night on stage with the One Direction?"

I shook my head, "I can't believe I actually did that. I will always remember that for the rest of my life! What I really can't believe is that you do this almost every night! I wish I could!"

Lydia came in, "I've never done that either! I just can't belive that tomorrow is our last day together and its only a half day!"

I stood up and hugged her, "I will miss you so much!"

Just then, Harry spoke up, "Uh, I hate to break up the touchy moment but could I get you outside for a minute, Linda?"

I walked over to Harry. He held out his hand like he did before and I felt like I was in a fairytale. My prince has come for me. To talk to me outside.

To talk about what?

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