A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


10. Stage Fright

This was the first time we talked alone since yesterday at my house. I know this doesn't seem like a long time but after touring Pittsburgh twice and being chased by One Direction made yesterday feel an eternity in the past. All was finally calm in my life for now and I had a chance to talk to my best friend.

"So did you have fun in Pittsburgh. It can be an overload of fun if you view it in the eyes of a Pittsburger."

"I had the best time in my life with you! I wouldn't have had it any other way!"

That last sentence had just made my whole year. That is why, even after her family moved to England, we were best friends. We made each other happy in our saddest hours. Lydia made me feel better about everything. 

Lately, and this is the truth, I have been almost stalked by this kid in my school. He constantly comes up to me when I'm talking with my friends at the local pool. He scares me and he sure as Hell scares my friends. Lydia helped me get out of talking to him by Skyping me when he came up to me. He hasn't bothered me that much anymore since I'm always "Skyping." She saved me and I'm forever thankful!

Then I remember she wanted to ask her crush out but she was so nervous. I'm halfway across the world so I couldn't help her when she asked him but I did all I could. Since I never had a boyfriend or had the guts to ask my crush out I was pretty much useless. Except my knowledge on Disney movies made her believe that I had hundreds of boyfriends.  The boy and Lydia had a nice relationship but that's when her mother made Lydia move. I felt so bad for Lyd!

 We, being people who remembered everything that happened to us, pulled out all these random dates and memories and started talking about them.

I remembered the first time we went to the Zoo together in second grade. She remembered how we made goofy movies at my house, which I still have. Then I came up with the first summer she stayed over almost everyday! That was so much fun! Lydia remembered our first sleepover. I had gotten a little high on Sweet Tarts and was bouncing all over the place.

This went on for about a half an hour then Lydia just stopped and her eyes widened.

"Oh crap! I forgot that I have to go on stage tonight!"

"Wait, why do you have to go on stage? I thought you had a little stage fright?"

"I am scared to go on stage! But Zayn wanted to finally introduce the world to me. I don't know why but he came up to me before you came and told me that."

"So what do you have to do?"

"On stage? I have no idea whatsoever but I do have to go into hair and makeup. Come with me!"

I really didn't know if I was allowed but no security guards stopped me. Somehow Lydia guided me through the halls of Heinz Field which neither her or I had ever been in. I knew she was psycho, I mean psychic! The boys were waiting in the room. Zayn was walking around, obviously tense about something and I think you know why. His head snapped in our direction and I thought I saw those flames again.

"Where were you?!"

Now at this time I was sick of him picking on Lydia. Lydia started to open her mouth but I was a little quicker, "She was with me. Do you have a problem with that?" I made myself look taller and he didn't say a word. Then again I am 5'10. Girl Power!

Lydia was taking her time so I sat on the couch next to the snack table. Just as I was starting to relax I felt someone sit next to me. Then two others on my left. I looked over to Harry on my right and Louis and Niall to my left. Louis was eating carrots, Niall was eating... period, and Harry just started talking to me.

"So how have you been, love?"

"I've been good. I did just spend the day with the most famous boys alive like they were brothers to me."

Louis spoke with his mouth full, "So do you have a talent or something?" He handed me one of his carrots.

"I'm in the starting line-up for my basketball team. I'm also on the school's volleyball team, band, and I'm the only twirler slash dancer for the school. You could say they're talents, I guess."

"You dance?" Harry asked like he was surprised. Its true most people don't believe I'm a graceful dancer because of my body. I'm very tall, and not to brag, have some pretty big muscles. I never told anyone but I name them Gun and Powder. Its a secret!

"Yes I dance but I'm into sports more."

By then Lydia was done with herself and came over to sit with us. The couch was pretty squished. Liam and Zayn had returned out of thin air and the three of them on the couch popped up and walked out with them. I asked Lydia where they were going since it looked like they do that every time.

"They're going to go check the crowd out. Yeah, they do that every concert."

Lydia decided that we should go check it out with them. I wasn't for the idea at all because I get sick thinking about talking in front of my class. Then just thinking about a whole stadium of people looking at me made me knees buckle. I couldn't get off the couch until Lydia pulled me off.

We were at the stage door when we heard What Makes You Beautiful. It was muffled but we still jammed to it. I admit we got a few weird looks but I got more wearing the pirate costume.

When their was about a minute left and Harry started to sing his solo, Lydia grabbed my arm and starting pulling me towards the stage. I let go of her arm and she looked at me strangely.

"I hate standing or talking in front of people! I get sick every time."

"Well I do too but I have a feeling this will be a really cool experience. Please come with me! If you don't like it, I'll take you back here but you'll miss a lot!"

There is only one thing I hate more than public speaking: being left out. Other than Lydia, I didn't have a whole bunch of friends. Then I was seen as a outcast. For what reason, I don't know. All I know is that most girls don't include me in whatever they're doing.

"Fine but if I don't like it, you'll take me off!"

Lydia didn't say a word but grabbed my arm. Next thing I knew, I'm on stage with One Direction, my best friend, and a billion eyes on me!

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