A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


6. Sorry About the Confusion

I ran from my tree back to the school's loading dock to find the tour bus. Finally getting there , I saw Lydia in a struggle with her brother. She kept pushing and shoving him and occasionally yelling out my name and saying she wanted me.

 Aww she really cared!

I walked up slowly but they didn't notice me at first, it must be because I took off the pirate costume. Now I was in my favorite beach tee shirt and jean shorts with some cute flip flops but I still had the same face. Now all the boys were practically on top of Lydia trying to calm her down. So far Zayn, Louis, and Niall have a bloody nose while Harry was off clutching the side of his head with Liam calling for the security guards. I heard they were still lost after twenty minutes.

I actually felt bad for those guys having to deal with Lydia. She was a tough cookie, not even a greaser from the 60's would deal with her. Only I could tame the beast. She would kill me if she learned I called her a beast. Anyways I walked up to Harry and let him down to his knees. He looked up at me but I think he didn't recognize me because he didn't have a death stare on his face like before. Lydia was still fighting them since she didn't see me so I ran to the school's lobby and found one of the emergency kits on the wall. It was on lockdown but me being a student I was taught the combination: 53ko9lw

I grabbed it off the wall and made it back to brawl. It must have only been a few seconds but it felt like forever. Lydia only had Louis and Niall on top of her now and Zayn was on the ground barely moving. I gasped and stood there starring. I was the reason that happened and why the rest of them were hurt. Harry snapped me out of my trance when he yelped out in pain when Liam touched the side of his head.

When I was little I loved to watch shows like Emergency and Bizarre ER. So as I grew up I volunteered with the local hospital to learn how to become a doctor. Along the way I helped with the paramedics, so I learned everything in the medical field. Especially when there is an emergency like now. I walked up to Harry and asked him to move his hand from his face. He was about to when he recognized I was the one who caused the wild goose chase.

"Please don't say anything to the rest of them! I want to make it up to you guys. Lydia is very hostile because she thinks she will be taken away and the key will be thrown away. I want to treat you and Zayn first before I calm her down but you can't tell them until they know who I am!"

Harry looked up to me with his one good eye and nodded. That just broke my heart knowing that there are people you can trust with soft green/blue, dreamy eyes [or in this case one eye]. It looks like Lydia either punched or kicked Harry in the head. I asked him what happened but he just moaned in pain. I felt so bad for him and I started to tear up. I know I shouldn't have started crying, the first rule of being in the medical field is to not get emotionally involved with a patient. The thing is, I couldn't help myself.

"You look good to me, I mean, other than that kick to the head you look alright, I mean, forget it! I'll go check on Zayn."

I started to get up from that embarrassing moment but Harry grabbed my arm and starred at me, "Thank you so much."

Don't get emotionally involved! Don't get emotionally involved!

"Your welcome."

That's it! Your welcome! I have to learn to talk to boys.

I wriggled out of his arm and walked over to Zayn who was partially conscious. While this was going on Liam, Louis, and Niall were chasing Lydia up and down the dock. Again they were to slow and I found myself laughing a little. I went back to Zayn who had a large bump on his head. My guess was that he had a mild concussion. I gave him some ibuprofen and wrapped his head which was bleeding a little but not a lot. As I finished wrapping his head, Harry walked over and sat down next to me saying they found Lydia on the side of the road.

"They what?! They found her on the side of the road? Was she hurt? Did she pass out or did she get hit by a car."

"I don't know but lets go."

"No! You stay here and watch Zayn. If he says anything about feeling dizzy or sick give him some ibuprofen and call 9-1-1. Tell them you are with Nurse Linda."

He nodded and I ran down the street to where Lydia was lying. She was moving a little so I knew she wasn't hit by a car. She just passed out from beating up her brother mixed with some of Pittsburgh's good old drink. I squeezed passed the boys and made my way toward Lydia. I rolled her to her side and she started to let up some of that good old drink. The boys behind me backed up like they were scared.

After she let it all go, I picked her up and we carried her back to the loading dock to her brother. I found Zayn sitting up and Harry standing next to him and both were complaining less of head pain. As soon as Zayn saw Lydia he jumped up and didn't let go of her all night. I cared for the other three with their bloody noses. Eventually Lydia woke up and we had to talk about our little night together.

"Linda and I didn't get in trouble with the police and that is all that matters. I just wanted to get away from the flashes of light that you guys drag me into."

"We are so sorry if we caused you any confusion! Oh, I sounded stupid there, I'm still in my doctor mode. By the way I'll need the bill by next Friday."

They all looked at me and had to explain I was kidding. They didn't take it lightly. Then I reminded them about nursing them. That's when they forgave me for the whole night.

That's when I looked at my phone and saw it really was late. "I'm sorry but I have to get going. My mom is probably dead from worry. I'll see you Lydia."

I started up the hill toward my house when I heard running footsteps behind me. I turned around to find Harry running toward me. He was yelling my name up the hill. That's when I wanted to play a quick game. I started to run up the hill yelling to him to catch me if he could.

"You don't think I could?" He was smiling. He had a beautiful smile.

At the top of the hill I let him catch me. He held me like we knew each other forever. It felt nice as he held me close.

"I have a backstage pass at our hotel. If you come by tomorrow I'll let you have it."

"So you'll let me have it? Okay, I guess I have to! You're staying at the Hilton, right?

"Yep, I'll see you there!"

Before he left he lowered his head and put his lips on mine. It felt so sweet and I wanted it to last forever! He lifted his head, smiled and ran down the hill. I just stood there silently, happily. I walked home when a bunch of cars with screaming girls in them raced down the hill. I giggled to myself. Harry still had a long night but he was the one running this time.

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