A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


2. Reunited At Last

Walking through the hallway which seemed ten times shorter, Lydia and I were talking our heads off. We haven't seen each other in over a year. The last time we skyped was over a month ago. God did I miss her. Though she had the same stories from when we skyped it was still nice to talk.

I instantly landed tickets to a play writes festival in the south side of Pittsburgh. I picked it because we both entered and both won when we were young! It would be a good walk down memory lane. Hers was Friday the 13th and mine was Myself as plastic. We both worked very hard over the summer. This year was Amazon Adventure and Deck the Halls. I felt especially proud this year because I helped some of the winners. We landed seats right in the middle section since it was a very small theater.

The show was about two hours long but it was the greatest. I couldn't believe that middle school students had such great ideas for one act plays! Lydia seemed a bit bored so I came up with another idea. She has always wanted to go to the Strip District and Station Square at night. So why don't we go? Of course we couldn't go into the bars and that unless we had to use the little sister of a rock star room. Until then we drove around Pittsburgh.

We first stopped at the old Macy's downtown. I bought a small purse while Lydia practically bought the whole store. Maybe she would share. Then driving downtown we had to lose some fans trying to get in my car. I just about died! It was about three by then so I took us to the Pittsburgh Zoo for old time sakes. There was the cutest baby seal. Some of the workers there let us pet them! Adorable! Eventually we got back to my house. My parents were happy to see her. Then, like little girls, we ran up to my room to talk.

"I seriously can't believe your back! It's so good to see you! By the way I thought you were the sister of a rockstar? Can't you get a ride?"

"I could of but I didn't want to ride around in a stinky tourbus full of boys when I knew you were able to drive me around like a slave."

I wasn't too happy with that last statement, but I know what she meant. So the next hour we talked about her exciting life and my boring one. She talked about being in Japan. I talked about the last time my crush came to my basketball game. She went shopping in Milan, Italy. I found a new pair of jeans at Walmart. She parties all night while I fall asleep while studying for my calculus test. I have found multiple drool stains on my notes. Lydia looked at me like I was a bum off the streets asking for money.

My life was a CD on repeat. The thing is there is no button other than repeat which is stuck on some gum. No pause, play, or eject. Wake up, school, practice for whatever sport for that day, eat, sleep. Then it starts over the next day. Lydia was full of adventure. She has tried squid in Tokyo and wore a kilt in Ireland. My life was terribly dull compared to hers.

It eventually turned seven o' clock. We left to eat dinner at my favorite restaurant, McDonalds. She barely ate what I bought but at least I got seconds. Then we finally made it through the Liberty Tunnel which leads to the most beautiful sight, Downtown Pittsburgh at night. I like to call that tunnel a tunnel to Heaven. Lydia was out of breath.

"Oh my god! Oh my God!" she gasped, "This is amazing!"
"Well maybe you shouldn't have left. You would have experienced this every night."

"Sorry that I have a rockstar brother!"

Until we got to Station Square, I showed her around the rest of the city. I really wanted to show her the Point. This is where Fort Pitt was during the French and Indian War. This is also where the Point's fountain. Again, Lydia was out of breath. We finally made it to Station Square. The first place Lydia ran into was a bar. Great! It maybe legal for her to drink in London but this is America! I was able to run under the security guard toward Lydia.

"Lydia! Let's go! We can't stay here! You and I are underage!"
"Fuddy-duddy! Just have some fun."

Lydia ran back to the bar and I saw her take a drink off the table and take a shot. I'm dead. That's all I thought, I am dead! She ran to the dance floor and started to dance. No offense to her but she was a crappy dancer. Suddenly I heard little girl screams. I didn't think about it until I saw the same security guard from the airport. One Direction was here!

Panic beyond panic struck me. Those boys will kill me sensless! I really am dead! I ran around screaming for Lydia, but she wasn't answering me! Oh my god! Was she passed out on the floor? Did her brother find her? Thats when I hear Harry's voice saying he was very happy to be in Pittsburgh.

"Lydia! Lydia! Lydia!" God! Where was she?

I feel a tap on my shoulder. It's Lydia.

"Let's get outta here! One Direction is here!"

We ran for the door. Thats when I hear a loud gasp from the crowd and Zayn yelling.

"Lydia? Is that you? Get the bloody hell over here!"

The pit in my stomach grew to a basketball. We were caught.

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