A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


8. Pittsburgh Tour Guide

Lydia didn't have to change her clothes since she wasn't as famous as her brother. Yes she is still pretty famous. Lydia and I were dressed in a few minutes. She let me borrow a really pretty sundress. Then again the boys took forever. I had to help Niall because he would keep coming out with something designer on him. No one can afford anything designer in Pittsburgh, unless you live in Mt. Lebanon. Eventually we got the clothing down but now we had to do hair. This was a horrible experience with hair but after Lydia and I were done they looked so different to the point of almost looking bad.

Harry had his smoothed over like he was Marcel again but with a little more volume. Louis looked like a mess with stray hairs everywhere. Niall was given a few color streaks, but don't worry it was chalk. Zayn didn't let anyone touch his hair. We just put makeup on him instead. Liam ran to be in front of Lydia. She combed it and sprayed it down. When my partner and I were done, we were beyond tired and One Direction became regular old Pittsburghers.

"Now before we go, I need to teach you some Pittsburgheze."

Zayn was confused, "What's Pitts- pittsburgheze?"

"Its Pittsburgh own language. First we go over, 'yinz'. 'Yinz' means you guys and you will only use that when you talk to each other or to Steeler fans. Lydia will demonstrate."

Lydia stepped toward me and held out her hand. "How yinz doin'? How 'bout them Stillers?"

"Oh yea, and instead of Steelers, its Stillers. Remember that! It will be the most important thing you will ever have to remember. Now Lydia, can you demonstrate 'dawntown'?"

  "Yinz going dawntown for Light Up Night?"

I turned to my students, "Now those three will be the most important words you will need to know. If you need any help, just ask me or Lydia. She's still learning though."

They all nodded their heads and we started for our adventure in Pittsburgh. Although we got to the elevator fine we had to face the crowd outside the hotel. I was scared when the boys kept walking to the doors like there weren't any people! That's when I remember they aren't One Direction anymore. They're regular teenage boys! Girls were chanting 'One Direction' over and over and a couple scream when they saw us. Thankfully they stopped and everyone else stopped chanting. Even parents looked at us.

I turned toward Harry and whispered, "Now or never pop star. Show us what you got in there!"

He stopped to look at the staring crowd. The parents were agitated and the girls gave us menacing glares. I elbowed him in the side and he finally spoke up, "Uh- How 'bout those Stillers? Yinz are going dawntown right?"

My heart stopped as everyone still stared at Harry. Seconds went by but they felt like hours. Finally the little girls turned to continue screaming to see One Direction. Little did they know that they were in front of them. Would they be mad when if they find out. We continued to my car and thankfully they all fit, including a security guard. I have a mid-size van so it was a little squished but we wouldn't be in there for long.

"Good job back there Harry."

"Thanks love."

I blushed a little and Lydia hit my shoulder.

"So my guess you guys already went through the Gateway to Heaven. Am I right?"

Zayn was confused, "What's the Gateway to Heaven?"

I smiled to Lydia, "I'll show you guys later tonight. Anyways, yinz wanna go to Fort Pitt first or the Young Playwrights Festival First. The Festival begins in a half an hour and it'll take at least 15 minutes to get there."

Louis spoke up. "Well what's the Young Playwrights?"

"It's middle school students who have plays they wrote over the school year performed by professional actors and actresses."

Although it was a strong yes, I heard someone mumble 'yes' in the back. We finally found a parking spot [Pittsburgh sucks when it comes to parking] and walked in. The boys were respectful and even asked the kids questions after the plays were done. They were surprised I helped some of the winners and when they found out Lydia and I won when we entered. Writing was our secret passion. Afterward we were heading to another Pirates game. I was extremely nervous here.

"Now stay very close to each other. The walkways get very crowded every few minutes and especially during the seven inning stretch."

Niall raised his hand, the sweet thing. "What's the seven inning stretch?"

I laughed, "Wow. You guys are clueless when it comes to America. Anyways our tickets are near where Lydia and I sat yesterday. Up high above third base."

They all nodded and we started walking. After a few strange looks from a few teenagers but other than that we weren't bothered. As soon as everyone sat down, including the security guard, I counted heads. Me, Lydia, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, security guard... wait where was Liam! I lost a part of One Direction! My head was racing. Where could he be? I walked around leaving Lydia in charge of the boys. After five minutes I saw a head similar to Liam's pop up.

"Liam! Liam!"

He turned around just as someone eating Dippin' Dots turned around with a spoon in his hand. Liam just about jumped a mile and screamed like a banshee. Everyone turned to look at him. I have to admit that I was laughing a little as I went in and grabbed him by the arm. We made it back and I plopped him down in a seat close enough to see if he was still there.

Pirates was still playing the Cardinals that day. Luckily it was an early game and we beat them quite quickly. It was over in two hours. In between that time I was explaining a homerun, steal, and crackerjack to the boys the whole game. Zayn even caught another foul ball. I was going to sit there every game from now on! It was hilarious how much they didn't know baseball. 'murica!

Another head count in the car and we were off to the Point. We only spent 30 minutes there but boy were they effective on the boys. I don't think they ever took time to listen to stories on history like this. I showed them were Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt once stood. They especially loved seeing the guns being fired as a demonstration. They also liked the block which really was the only attraction left [if anyone lives in Pittsburgh or is possibly going please see this place. You won't regret it].

"A war was started here?"

"Yes Zayn. If it wasn't for the French and Indian War there wouldn't have been the Revolutionary War where we won our independence from England. Oh, sorry."  

For once they looked interested in a school related subject. We left and went to the zoo for the sake of Lydia and I. They had a lot of fun there too. I taught them how to play with sea lions with nothing but a quarter.

One Direction was having the best free day of their lives and it was all because of me! Eventually we had to go back to the hotel but not after I showed them the Gateway to Heaven.

"Here, three... two... one!"

Their eyes lit up instantly. The light from the buildings reflected on the water perfectly. The smell of water and the sun's leftover rays sweetened the air. They were speechless.

Best Song Ever? Best Day Ever!!!

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